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for Darling in the FranXX: Homebound

3/1 c19 alonsopenalva8
actualiza el fic por favor
11/18/2021 c18 prOfnAm
Great chapter! can't wait to read more of this fanfic

hope writer's block hasn't affected you too much:3
11/18/2021 c1 titan20971
It’s awesome and I’m definitely sucked in. Hope to see more soon! Thank you
11/18/2021 c19 proFnAm
keep up the great work!

P.S the cliffhanger's killing me end the pain (no pressure tho)
6/30/2021 c19 newsx13
Awesome update
5/26/2021 c18 aidann83
I'm loving your story so far keep up the good work.
5/18/2021 c18 Naiju
Please continue I'm HUNGRY for HiroTwo content so much so that I started rereading KingPolar's fanfics SO keep up the amazing work!
5/3/2021 c18 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
4/21/2021 c19 1iceywiener
Love it :)
4/5/2021 c19 Koriik
In my honest opinion, I can say that this ending/continuation.. has filled the void and dissatisfaction that both the manga and anime left. Iv read quite a ditf fanfics as well, and while the majority were quite good. This one in particular just feels right. I felt genuinely excited when squad 13 finally reunited, and am really enjoying where the story is heading. I very much look forward to reading the chapters to come. Keep up the excellent work.
4/3/2021 c19 454godamora
What a wonderful chapter. Oh I can't for them to actually marry. And hey since this is rated M, perhaps a Lemon between Hiro & Zero Two.
4/3/2021 c19 Vosck
Good chapter
3/7/2021 c17 BoneyBob
I'm really loving how you are writing the Princess. She comes across as hating everything and everyone but she really does care for Zero Two and Hiro in her own little way, subconsciously or not.

**writing this on chapter 17 because I already left review on chapter 18 when it wasn't a chapter, but a little introduction to 2021**
2/24/2021 c18 1iceywiener
Very well done, I hope we get to see some action for zero two and Hiro soon
12/31/2020 c18 BoneyBob
Glad to see you back. And happy new year to you as well! Let us all hope that 2021 is a good year. We could use a good year to make up for the s**t show that 2020 was
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