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5/8/2019 c23 E
It’s gripping me I hope Anthony and Abby are cured of the radiation wonder if onya uses dark magic to remove all the radiation from their bodies just saying just because the elves hate it doesn’t mean they have to use it in an act of desperation cause if it draws life out then maybe they can use it to pull All the bad stuff out then onya decides that in situations like Anthony and abbey they will use dark magic but only as a last resort
5/7/2019 c23 E
I hope they make it I really like Anthony Relationship With Xara I’ll say this that chapter grips me
5/4/2019 c22 E
Ohhh I love it it’s smoking awesome here a thought after the Anthony and the team beat the dark kaju they wonder where the remaining kaiju are heading then onya wonder that what if the kaiju weren’t just causing random act of destruction what it everything was just in their way then she pulls up a map of the earth war then kaiju movement to Mount Fuji then she dose the same thing but with xadia then learns that their heading to the breach then she learns that kaiju blood reacts very violently to Rare earth elements meaning the kaiju masters want them to head into the volcano in xadia that’s is a pressure geological point in xadia which mean that if a kaiju were to get their even one them it would cause an extinction level event on xadia and the entire world making a new world to conquer for precursors also after they defeat the kaiju Viren uses his dark magic to fuss the dark kaiju into a super dark kaiju that absorbs everything in its path until it reaches the volcano in the breach hope you like this thought and here one more one of the pilots is a little girl that onya befriends and develops a big sister bond with named Amara Namani who is very good at turning junk into powerful Jaegers and here a good ending idea when you get their after they beat the dark kaiju they capture Viren but at this point his became a deluded puppet for the grand priest to talk through and Anthony and Xara walk in and say Anthony-Tell the precursors we’re not afraid cause next time they won’t have to worry about coming for us then Xara say Xara- cause we’re going to come for them
5/2/2019 c21 E
I love it chapter 21 is the best one yet I love a good rescue mission I’m glad that Amaya is on their side after knowing that callum and ezran are alive can’t wait for next chapter I wonder if the gang will know how sick Pentecost is here a good line for Onya to say to mako Onya notice Pentecost coughing then looks at mako then says Onya- is he sick mako looks sadly and says mako -gamma sickness Onya looks shocked and says Onya- what happened and mako tells her the story of how she meet Pentecost hope you like it and can’t wait to see what you got next I love this story of your you should make a lot more crossover your are brilliant you are a Da Vinci
4/30/2019 c20 E
Hope callum and ezran do something to help Anthony and I hope they win Amaya trust and expose Viren cause I really hate that guy for lying about Anthony killing Gren I hope Xara the one to rescue him cause if you’ve watched season 2 sunfire elves don’t need their sun forged blades when they channel the fire element in their bodies they become a walking enhanced fire punching warriors just like Janai when Amaya was fighting her at the breach
4/29/2019 c19 E
Here a great thought if Xara Anthony and Abby meet aunt Amaya rayla should say rayla- oh no it her callum aunt Amaya Abby- whoa she looks tough Xara- in the xadian border the sunfire elves call her the silent warrior Anthony- let me guess cause she’s mute rayla-actually callum told me she’s just Deph
4/28/2019 c19 E
I hope the gang meet Amaya it be cool if she is at the castle we’re she meets with callum
4/28/2019 c18 E
I love chapper 18 the best ever full of romance comedy and action loved how you introduced Rayla to coffee ️ classic And the mre scene was the best reminds me of tremors 2 when Burt introduced earl and Grady to mre funniest scene in the series
4/25/2019 c17 E
I love it so far I wonder if ezran will be able to talk to the kaiju
4/21/2019 c15 E
I love it hope the elves of xadia and the humans of earth stay together after this cause the battle has only just begun
4/21/2019 c14 E
I love it best chapter I this going to be my number one favorite I hope Anthony and Abby Go to the areas that callum Rayla and ezran went to like the place we’re that guy with the sun forged dagger is cause I like to him face Anthony Who challenges him for insulting Rayla and Xara depending if she comes with them and here a good line he says to that guy Anthony -you must be proud of that dagger but here the thing I don’t like bullies and with out warning he ran with lighting speed and as the man tried to slash at him but Anthony doged it and grabbed his arm and took his dagger and with lighting speed swiped his sheath and put the dagger in it then said Anthony-Shouldn’t play with knives especially sun forged knives then smacked him with the sheath blade As abbey Burst out laughing while callum Rayla and Xara tried to hold back their laughs
4/19/2019 c13 E
I love it so cool team xadia against those super kaiju is really cool cand wait to see what happens bet Xara and Anthony are going to see each other‘s memories
4/17/2019 c12 E
Great chapter can’t wait for the next one wonder what callum half brother is up to on his way back to the castle
4/15/2019 c11 E
I love it so cool a giant sunforge blade and Viren making an alien egg the the precursor this is going to be fun
4/14/2019 c10 E
I love now that callum and rayla are in the mix I hope the other pilots from the other world find their way down here it be cool for the queen callum and rayla Xara onya to meet the rest of the pacific rim team
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