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for Twisted Revelations - Part Three of the Revelations Trilogy

9/24/2019 c19 2novembershowers
I think I have read this two or three times and I can’t believe I have not written anything to you! Just shows that I am still enamored by the characters and the story in your imagination and since I am following the 4th story... I am in awe of how you spun this. I am so thankful for you writing your story and getting us inside the adventure, romance, fluff, mystery and the comfort of having our favorite characters being alive in this site.
7/15/2019 c3 6drogorath
No SPAG errors at all. I dont think Fenton would hire capable, but arrogant people.
I don't suppose that Fenton would hire coable but arrogant people.. The informant is Tracy
7/15/2019 c2 drogorath
Why do I know who Nancy is right from the get-go ?
My money's on Wendy with her "organisation skills.".
5/19/2019 c19 Guest
This was one heck of a story! I'm kinda sad that Ned is dead. Excuse the bad poem! Hehe Maybe Ned's not dead and he will come back in your next story or a future story. He was the perfect villian! Thanks for writing and sharing this story! Looking forward to your next one!
5/16/2019 c19 MargaretA66
I enjoyed this whole series of stories and am looking forward to the next
5/15/2019 c19 4katnissta
Well I guess they got engaged last chapter not married not that far off though. I am so happy you have two other stories in mind that arent one shots. I was gonna be upset if you left it how you did.
5/15/2019 c19 Rose12
Amazing epilogue. This journey has been amazing, getting to read each part of your awesome story. I liked how his mother and brother helped Frank with his problems, and anxiety. As another reviewer mentioned, Nancy is heartbroken to not have Carson be able to walk her down, but it was sweet that Fenton got to. I guess that's one of the only setbacks and exceptions to this happy ending. Curious to read about the permanent marker and flour incident. I am so happy that you mentioned that you were writing more stories and continuing on, because I was really hoping you would! I almost can't wait to read them! I know I'll be waiting *patiently,* but take your time. Until next time, looking forward to more! Thank you
5/15/2019 c19 Tjcain
Thank you, thank you, thank you for your beautiful story. You have a god given talent that is amazing. Cannot wait until you write the prequel. I wish you all the best for your time off writing. Until we meet again!
5/15/2019 c19 7ErinJordan
Awesome story thank you
5/15/2019 c19 Candylou
That was really a good epilogue. I love Laura and Joe helping Frank with his issues. I know Nancy was also heartbroken withcarson not being alive to walk her down the aisle, but it was sweet to have Fenton escorting her down to Frank. I really like Joe realizing something else was bothering frank. I am a fan of all the hardys and to tell you the truth, I was not a bug fan of Nancy drew until quite a few fanfiction stories I have read. I do like Frank and Joe evenly, but I feel in many stories, the belief Joe, and make him seem useless. I do want to thank you for not doing that. Wonderful story
5/15/2019 c19 max2013
AN AMAZING ENDING-sadness that this one is over, but happy dance that I don't have to beg for the next one-looking forward to the next installment!
5/15/2019 c19 Drumboy100
So sweet, beginning this chapter with a mother/son moment...40 points for Laura saying "stupid shit [your father] pulls" and in a church, on Frank's wedding day! So sweet that the groom is late, not the bride; what a contrast between the brothers here..."I still don't remember [my wedding] but you probably will remember today" HAHA Joe, and how Joe comforts Frank by convincing him that he can't possibly make as many husband/father mistakes as Joe himself does! WHOA I am expecting a FULL description of the permanent marker and flour incident in the prequel (great name for a story!), what an image! Phil/Nancy, now that's an interesting pairing...

"I don't think we have a problem other than our own fears." Such a sweet summarization from Nancy. Is Nancy wearing the stolen pendant from hbndgirl's story? Again I can't believe I didn't see it coming, how Fenton gets to walk his best friend's daughter down the aisle to his son, so fabulous! And ending with a sweet kiss. I love how you give us a warning that you're taking a week off from writing, all the rest of us would have given a warning that we were taking a year off! As always my hat is off to you for your disciplined daily writing habit. This was a great ride, can't wait to see Francy fighting the bad guys together as a united team!
5/14/2019 c18 Drumboy100
I've always liked your interpretation of Joe...he's definitely the Joe we know and love, but also a hint of humorously annoying, and it takes the whole family to get him to shut up! Love that it's so important to him that his brother and new sister are there. Thank you for the warning that the innuendo is only mild; I was hoping it would be moderate/severe. :) Whoa, Joe would never go without for that long, he and Van would have put the local motel back in business! They will miss that babysitting, though.

LOVE Frank's devious move, pretending he can't tie a tie. All that dressing just to get undressed again! Again so sweet, him kissing her hand. And everyone knows why Francy are late. Wondering how Frank and Nancy accommodated Frank's sore ribs, with Hannah next door-sounds like Francy were brave enough to do it, Joe/Van not. Nice brother moment.

I got my Xancy! What were Nancy and Callie talking about? Nice contrast here, showing that everyone is adult and mature and able to be friends with their husband's ex; showing again that the problem was not with Nancy, the problem was Ned going off the deep end. Nice speech by Fenton and SOOOO bittersweet that Joe and Frank will be geographically separated; I feel like it had to happen for the integrity of the story, though, and how this is the final move into adulthood. Joe will remember when he's less upset that he is the one who got married and had a baby first, and now it is time for his big brother to spread his wings, too. Joe and Van's baby #2 will have Frank to thank for its existence! I agree with Frank's decision to keep the spotlight off them for the christening. I kind of hope that the epilogue is them eloping (to Egypt, haha!) and they can do a church wedding for everyone later, if that's what others want. Excellent!
5/13/2019 c18 pricelessfren
LOVE this chapter. Your characterizations and relationships between Frank, Joe, and Nancy is just perfect. Awesome and tasteful Frank and Nancy moments too.
5/13/2019 c18 max2013
Very nice warm fuzzy chapter-love the family moments-ready for the wedding!
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