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2h c13 1Joshua the Arcanis
Man, I'm late. So late that I even read the last update of Nightblade before this... I'm not on my A game, apparently. Anyway, great chapter! I always very much enjoy SAO scenes, Kizmel is a delight. I do miss the lack of Ninja fighting going on, but your promise of some in the future arouses my interest. You better make good on your word! I'm always looking forward to the next chapter!
7/16 c13 Guest
I really, really like this
7/14 c13 Feraa
I find myself enjoying this story. My biggest qualm is how difficult it can be to determine when Kazuto is speaking, but that's easy enough to look over compared to how much I enjoy the rest of the story. Keep up the good work!
7/12 c13 22EternalKing
Honestly Kirito himself is even more boring here, but the other characters at least make up for it.
7/7 c13 yomunot
Thanks for the chapter!
7/6 c1 Mystery889
Compared to saiki his powers suck
7/5 c13 Regret
Hi, I am regret. I dont know why I chose this name just role with it...
Anyway, great story, it's very funny. Please have a scene soon where kirito fights a load of bad guys make the fight super descriptive too, dont spare any detail of blood, broken bones. Use all his powers too PLEASE THIS IS A GRETA STORY SORRY IF I AM BEING BOSSY. Also I think it would be hilarious if kirito soon just snaps at everyone, like they all start going into weird delusions about him and stuff and then he just yells at then about the whole psychic thing ect. It would be great if when he yells at kana he is like 'YES NINJAS ARE A REAL THING, ASSASSINS ARE REAL AND THANKS TO THE GOD FORSAKEN POWERS WHICH I HAVE NEXT TO NO CONTROL OVER, I KNOW YOUR THE PERFECT COMBINATION OF BOTH. NOW PLEASE STOP HAVING SUCH WEIRD THOUGHTS AND STOP TRYING TO MAKE ME LOVE YOU ALL. NOW IF YOU CAN EXCUSE ME I'm going to go cry in my room wondering how my life got this fucked up!' That would be hilarious. There would be a lot. Hed open being like 'OH WILL YOU ALL JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP!'
Yunna is best girl
7/5 c13 7Hell no.1
Please explain what a "norito" is. Google calls it a ritual chant or something.
7/4 c13 1D72
Huh, that would make an interesting sekerei fic, protagonist unwilling to engage with the premise.

Also Dovah Keiko is there. Because her suffering is hilarious.
7/4 c13 Guest
A funny chapter as always.

I was waiting in a lot of anticipation for when Argo would realise Kirito was Kazuto - so that just felt anti-climactic...
7/4 c13 16SaintInfernalNeos
Ah, yes, another beautiful read once again here ;P!

Truly, the hot springs (X2) episode and the school festival episode in one chapter? Kazuto truly has no luck...though to be fair, thanks to the computer club he avoided the most cliche shenanigans of the latter, so that's something he can be thankful for XP

Nijika's maid power keeps being awesome and Kotone's eternally misunderstood existence just makes me crack up like crazy XD

Then, the hot springs thing...Kazuto avoids bullets like a Servant with Dodge, but also hilariously triggers the jealousy of the closest thing he has to male friends, over the single girl (I think?) that has no real romantic interest on him...also, Argo worried because Johnny Black's family is in charge of the hot springs and they're ninja assassins here...yup, all normal -w-

Also, Shino dear, how basic...the original owner of those eyes could kill even things that don't exist, after all :D!

Lastly, the SAO scene was golden, of course. Leafa leaving everyone open-mouthed, Silica's utter despair at her and Strea, the eternal misunderstandings and Kizmel...Kizmelness just outright having Kirito remember for a second he's an hormonal teenager...all in all, fun all around ;)

Thanks for another great chapter!
7/3 c1 Linkone1
So it is the disastrous life of saiki k but Saiki is Kazuto and it is in the SAO universe. This is gonna be fantastic.
7/3 c13 Spartan3909
Thanks for the chapter _.
7/3 c13 13RedSS
Kirito, why aren't you settling with the idol duo?! I'm getting pretty disappointed on your performance! And you should know better than to temp fate at this point.

Also, this
""...Sure. At least you're not pretending to be a girl here, Ki-ri-ko-chan."
I already apologized for that!"
Besides that I lost it at this, I wonder how none of the girls jumped at that. I mean, it would have been the perfect reason to conclude Kirito swimgs the other way and that's why he doesn't pay them attention.
7/3 c13 AmethystPone
He will probably gonna use Himiko extensively during the ninja arc I guess.
And I do really like Himiko. Not many people actually use genderbend-Kirito for more than one-off joke. And those that do tend to be dead stories:
Like that one where due to Suguha messing around, Kirito had to play dependable Onee-chan to Leafa and others during SAO, granted, the Asuna in that story is so OOC with the single change in her background being some trauma caused by Sugou that result in her having issue with men.
Or that one that had him turn into/dressing up as a girl to do some undercover stuff against red guilds.
Or that one-shot manga where he dressed up as a maid to help agil's shop and accidently charmed Klein. Ok that was just a one-off joke.

You get the idea. Using genderbend!Kirito as more than one-off.
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