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4/24 c1 crazycarzom
Never really had much trouble reading Kirito’s dialogue, mostly due to me envisioning him just saying it in the way Saiki speaks.

Also should be mentioned to the person who was wondering, the Kayaba thing was already resolved in chapter 2.

Now back to reading this comedy.
4/18 c20 phirethorn8
I loved SAO and I loved The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K.,so I’ve really been enjoying this mashup. Kazuto’s narration matches Saiki’s from the anime very well, and it’s fun trying to figure out which SAO character matches which character from theSaiki world. The SAO characters may seem OOC because of it, but I totally get it! And since it’s a comedy, all the references to other anime make it fun! You’ve blended the two anime together so well!
4/17 c20 MrBigBottoms
4/17 c20 UltraDeathCube
...Suzumiya Haruhi is that you?
4/17 c20 yo
Yo dude, cool story. It's the story that I hoped Onepunch Man would do to the action genre of manga, but it was not meant to be. Also, is Premiere's gimmick supposed to be HK-47 from KOTOR? Brings back memories of me just saying: "Addendum," for no reason when I was younger.
4/16 c1 Guest
Haruhi powers? Pretty much the scene where Kyon and her were the only ones left, and the way Kyon got out was with a kiss. Too bad there wasn't the ponytail scene, but I don't think Kirito has the same taste.
4/16 c20 chaossaurus
...premiere has the power of South Park? Events happen as they do in normal time, people age and experience the occasional birthday, but grade stays the same?
4/16 c20 Euphemism
The real reason Kirito is okay with it is because Sugu is still stuck in middle school.
4/16 c20 Juubi Slayer
What the fuck happened? Lol.
4/16 c20 3Lyrista
Kazuto did you and Premiere just reject reality and insert your own? And it worked?

4/6 c4 1imortal333
So I basically skipped through 2 and 3 as they were basically unimportant and more of “Kazuto” complaining about being the “strongest psychic in the world” for the 10 billionth time. Oh, and also complaining about how having Suguha as a sister is basically the worst thing ever. Add in her ridiculously OOC borderline yandere attitude and I seriously think you’re bashing her at this point.

This one only blipped by because of how much of a stupid contradiction the end of the chapter was to what the beginning of the first chapter said about “Kazuto’s” powers, mainly that he had either too little or way too much power. When he tried to catch that sandwich, it should’ve launched through the freaking roof and into orbit, or did you already forget that you made him able to lift all of Tokyo? Then he casually threatened to erase Asuna’s memories, again, ignoring the fact that he has either too little or too much power, and would basically make her brain dead.

In the future, PLEASE try to make your characters power levels at least somewhat consistent, if not their limits at least. Next thing I know, Kazuto is going to put on that Nerve Gear and somehow claim that despite being able to hear everyone in Tokyo, he didn’t somehow hear Kayaba’s plot to trap everyone in the game world of SAO. It’s not like he wouldn’t know who to listen for either.
4/6 c1 imortal333
I’ll be honest, I kinda skipped through the first chapter about halfway through it, simply because this stupidly bland, assholish Kazuto complaining about his problems every paragraph got really old really fast. The protagonist is supposed to be a character people can like, yet you made him the single most disliked character in the first chapter.

Being such a jerk to his own sister is one thing, straight up avoiding Asuna when all she wanted to do was thank him for saving her is really pushing it. How can you even call this Kazuto when he’s nothing like the actual character? Place an OC in his place and no one will notice or care. In fact, it would be a slight improvement. Slight, as that psychic OC would still be a bland asshole.

I’ll read the next chapter but I’m not expecting much.
3/21 c16 Guest
Fighting Game Lingo: "I always DP on wakeup" "Oh no, they caught me hitting buttons" "50-50 mix. NO! I mixed myself"

... Dotodoya, is that you?

This was beautiful. I'm only a dabbler in watching fighting games but it sounded spot on. And specifically Dotodoya which if it is I'll give bonus points for.
3/19 c19 Spartan3909
Thanks for the chapters _.
3/18 c1 Devin Devin
it's hard to tell if he's talking
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