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11/29 c3 2000str
super boring
11/29 c1 2000str
reading about some dumbass complaining about how his superpowers is not what we came here for!
9/7 c2 Tenwords
“I just can’t escape this main character bullshit, can I?”
9/7 c1 Tenwords
Looks like being a Psychic isn’t that great after all!
8/12 c32 Nai Darkor
I got to you over this story (apart from saintInfernal‘s five reasons to smile.
I miss your writing and hope you’re going to continue.
5/8 c32 Feraa
Ah, I do so love this story. I was keeping up with it for the longest time, then I drifted away somewhere around chapter 20. It was lovely to return to it now, though I am sad to reach the end. I can't help but wish it kept going on even further, with how much I love their various interactions.
3/6 c1 1Diametrik
The complaints for all his abilities... that's not a complaint about such an ability in principle, that's just a complaint at how bad his version of the ability is. Like "invisibility sucks because I have to concentrate for a minute to use it, and it only lasts ten minutes, and it is broken if someone touches me". That's not a complaint against invisibility, that's just a complaint against your shitty version of it.
10/30/2022 c9 1uyip
author: atta boy
10/19/2022 c1 1Verdauga
9/23/2022 c32 Storm
Finished another reread of this wonderful story. Unlike other stories, this one maintained its quality even on the fourth reread. The play between the many Waifus is beautiful.

Kazuto-kun has made the harem bed, now he has to sleep on it. I have counted a total of 16 lovers: Asuna, Yuna, Suguha, Silica, Lisbeth, Sinon, Yuuki, Aiko, Kizmel, Strea, Philia, Argo, Rain, Seven, Premiere, and Tia. Asuna makes great sandwiches that attracts Kazuto over and falls deeper in love as he "solves" her problems. Yuna the idol gets the husbando she deserves, kicking the terrible eiji to the curbstomp. Suguha put all her spec points into bro-con, rivaling Mu-sensei's version of Suguha in certain works. Silica is a cute, clumsy, shrine maiden who unfortunately didn't get to be close friends with lisbeth but has made some other good friends. Lisbeth is super energetic and tomboyish cute, but I wished she got one more good scene. Sinon is tsundere and cute towards her master. What a cute cat. Nyaa. Yuuki and Aiko are quite cute here and I can see the inspiration from other works here too. The twins are bold and aggressive in the confession. Ehe. Kizmel and Strea is pretty awesome here as they hug Kazuto to sleep every night. I wish Kizmel had one more good scene too. Strea is the hug master. Philia gets turned to a gang star lmao and retains her image as cool beauty. (Though I think Rain has stolen a good chunk of her lewd imagination lmao.) Argo is an excellent ninja and has good byplay with Kazuto. One day she will confess.
Rain and Seven made the gameverse promise to be together forever with Kazuto. Heh. Premiere and Tia has reached their final forms as Kirito's lovers.

Lux has become the Kazuto fanboy she was always meant to be while Sachi is chunni as ever so I can't tell how in love she is with Kazuto. But it would be funny if Sachi went the harem route and claimed the black cats as her own lmao.
6/20/2022 c32 Prometheus-42
So it's been a little bit since you finished this story, but I wasn't keeping up with it very well. I've been reading it on and off for the past two years or so. Always mixed feelings about stories ending, on the one hand it's good to have closure, on the other if I read a story to the end I liked it still. I was actually surprised this story came to an end. I expected there'd be another weird reality twist so that the middle school girls could end up in high school with him.

This was a quite interesting story with all the different characters having all different powers of their own. Though there were some powers I kind of expected to show up which never did: one of them being able to teleport groups or open interdimensional portals would have set up for romantic getaways for instance.

Kazuto knowing the story was ending and thinking that would actually solve his problems was quite silly though. He has like a dozen girls that are interested in marrying him: Asuna, Yuuna, Sugu, Strea, Kizmel, Aiko, Yuuki, Keiko, Nijika, Premiere, Tia. Then there's others that aren't interested in him quite that much but still trapped in his orbit like Yui, Shino, Nanairo, Kana, and Kotone (she's a little romantically interested, but not as much as the first list).

I have a feeling that he's probably going to end up effectively married to at least half the first list. There's no way he'll shake off any of the first four. And that's going to keep his life interesting whether he's part of a story or not. His marriages apparently won't even be parted by death considering Yuuki can raise the dead now.

At least Sugu finally knows that Kirito knows she loves him. Maybe that relationship can move forward now. Kirito's opinion on it is irrelevant. I always root for Sugu a bit, though usually in some sort of harem ending.

Who knows though, perhaps there will in time be a sequel.
6/2/2022 c32 Hopefully yes
Will you be writing any other stories? You’re an amazing writer!
5/8/2022 c32 3Zeta Grey
Huh. . . a finale. . . all good things must end an' all. . . twas fun while it lasted.
4/29/2022 c32 Jeress
When I read the start of this chapter I had a thought that at the end Kirito would lose his MC status only to feel a disturbance... as he gained a different MC status, (with a reference or harem or ecchi) and him realize in dread that is own actions ended his first MC story and started a new one.

This was a good story, and very entertaining, thank you for writing it.
4/26/2022 c32 ArmorOfGeddon
I kind of feel like everyone is just glossing over the fact that Yuuki and Kazuto can resurrect the dead! Like, that should probably be more of a big deal, especially given all legal documentation should indicate Aiko is still deceased.
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