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11/6/2020 c15 1Shadow of God
I don’t know. Something felt off about this chapter but I can’t really pinpoint it. Otherwise it was another funny chapter. Great work.

Just a quick meta question about the storyline as you plan to right it. Is he gonna be in denial forever as a permanent gag? Just curious.
11/5/2020 c14 Linkone1
I am sooo happy I waited for this update. It is still a good story that makes me laugh and cheers me up. Thank you for continuing this masterpiece.
11/4/2020 c15 VoidGivenForm
Can't wait till The Unnamed Goose joins the party.

I particularly enjoyed how Sugou got introduced into and subsequently written out of the story in less than half the chapter. Without being King Oberon in ALO, and with Kirito's powers, he gets reduced to a minor villain. lol
11/4/2020 c14 8Neon-S
i got an update notif that said you uploaded chapter 15, and indeed i see reviews on chapter 14 in the reviews. did you take the chapter down, or is ffn just broken?
11/3/2020 c15 Spartan3909
Thanks for the chapter _.
11/3/2020 c13 blank-name33333
kazuto i have some questions for you
first: do you like coffee jelly?
second: do you believe in alternate universes
third: would you rather marry asada, asuna or Yuuna
fourth: if you had kids would they inherit you powers/ the powers mutate
fifth and final question: do you think it might be wise to find other people with powers and help them if needed, as if you were kind of like your world's charles xavier?
11/3/2020 c15 5JustSpaced
Ah heck yea, I was worried this story was dead. Thanks for the update broski
11/1/2020 c3 A Eternity Of Nonchalance
Read your AN at the 4th chapter and had to comment. It seriously costs you nothing to fix the quote marks thing. You do it for everyother character! Its dumb you should feel dumb. We would like to read your story without confusion. Thats like rule 1 that every author focuses on when writing! You're being weird and stubborn, stop!
10/24/2020 c14 Guest
This story is so funny. I can't wait for the next chapter. And to be honest, I feel like I want Kirito to be with Yuuna in the end, if this story is gonna have romantic end. All those troubles that she gives him are just too funny.
9/10/2020 c14 3Ash the Aura Guardian
Oh hey, I remember reading this a while back! Dunno why I didn't add it to my 'follow' list back then, but it's clearly time to correct that mistake.
9/10/2020 c14 Spartan3909
Thanks for the chapter _.
9/7/2020 c1 Akiko Shiki
Wow this fast! Only 1 chapter and Sandwich already it moves! Respect
9/6/2020 c14 blank-name33333
great story. are you going to do that thing some people do where to appease each shipping, there is a separate shipping end for kirito. one chapter is asuna's ending. one is shino's. one is Yuna's.
or will you just choose a shipping and be done with it? (sorry if that was rude i just really wanna know. i like the yuna shipping chances in this story.
9/3/2020 c14 Namikaze18
Absolutely incredible, the best SAO fic here and what's amazing is how unique it truly is. You've found a way to introduce each of the characters in a fitting, but not forceful manner and most importantly made a pretty normal story arc, high school, into a truly hilarious fic.

Absolutely loving the Asuna and finace Kirito scene and looking forward to the actual dinner. That's a scene that's hinted in the anime that we never actually get to see, so i'm very excited about the hilarity that will ensue there. Most importantly, Rain and Sugua are absolutely hilarious. They're imaginations are so wild it's truly incredible.

What an amazing fic! keep up the good work.
9/2/2020 c14 19SaintInfernalNeos
Another fun re-read indeed :D!

There were many golden hilarious things in this chapter, but let's be honest, there was just one that took the cake...that is, Sugu's reaction, of course. The best single written part of this entire chapter was that. Poor Sugu almost saw hell for a second, before the mighty light of Onii-chan heaven saved her from despair once again ;3

Oh yeah, and I guess the other girls' reactions when Asuna said the 'fiance' thing was great too, even if not as amazing as the Sugu one :P

And yep, poor Kazuto, trapped in shopping helll...may his soul be spared from that hell soon XP

Till next time!
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