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4/14/2022 c14 Pixelitus
Is it weird that I know if I was Kazuto I probably would've snapped these girl's neck, ripped out their spine, heart, and put a hole through their chest. Or just leave / ignore them.
4/14/2022 c11 Pixelitus
You know… maybe, just maybe, you should put an OOC warning in the summary?
4/13/2022 c3 Pixelitus
You know... pretty sure Alfheim Online and Gun Gale Online were made after SAO, and they took inspiration from SAO when making it. I'm PRETTY sure, not 100%, but pretty sure. So just in case, fix your timeline I guess?
4/8/2022 c9 15Trace Reading
Saori plays Destiny Child!
3/24/2022 c15 Neroscurse
Must continue binging, work can wait until tomorrow. Sleep can wait until next Thursday...

Enjoying the story, thanks for posting!

3/22/2022 c6 Neroscurse
Lol, the story is truly enjoyable. Completely captured the aesthetic of Disastrous life of Saiki while seamlessly incorporating elements from SAO. So fun! Keep it up.
3/22/2022 c1 Neroscurse
Ah man this is pretty awesome. Thanks for posting it!
3/19/2022 c31 1Jpx0999
i just imagine

guy being dragged to hell by the ghost hands of the ones he killed

then despacito starts to play
3/17/2022 c1 GodAxe
Why not instead of erasing everyone's memories which is troublesome and not worth it, just make Asuna forget that time you saved her?
3/16/2022 c31 shiftfiredragon
...So, basically *ALL* of the villains ended up being one-shot by young girls. Except for the psycho-fucker who likes to murder young girls, he got his mind put through a blender by our mostly-redundant Protagonist

.. Y'know, I can't help but wonder how Kirito is going to set Gabriel up for either solitary confinement for life or an execution. Because, no matter the country...those are the only two results should he fall into Law Enforcement's hands. And, as an American national who has apparently been committing these crimes across multiple states and to foreign nationals...

Yeah, Execution is very likely. Only hope for life on the Funny Farm is if they find out he thinks he can eat souls. PoH, on the other hand, got run over like the scrub he is!

...Poor Alicia, though. I know it's long past, but that whole thing is just...fucked. With any luck, she's happy in the afterlife...or as a ghost.

Meanwhile, I'm kinda surprised Eiji has...bones at this point, I mean...he threatened Nanairo, so the fact that he is not bent into a Gordian Knot is a surprise!

...Yuuna probably saw one such future and decided to avoid it.

And yeah...Asuna and Rika got immediate support, seeing as they're the only ones without any actual powers...Honestly, they probably got the most overkill! Majima And Kiryu AND Saori's raw Chuunibyou!? They might as well have rolled up in a Tank.

Finally...Johnny and XaXa. Scrubbed by The Most Powerful Brocon, Twins doing a Fusion Dance, and Shino.

...Wait hold on, Kana called a hit on *Herself?!*
3/16/2022 c31 1Dead Ends
LMAO I knew it!
2/19/2022 c29 shiftfiredragon
...So, uh...

How bad is Kazuto gonna beat them, because this is just going to be *brutal*.

His whole issue is that his powers are way too damn strong to be practical in day-to-day life, but these numbnuts just declared war.
2/16/2022 c30 Guest
So all this time he’s been looking Argo in the eye, keeping his mouth shut, and trying to convince her that he isn’t a psychic?
2/16/2022 c30 1raymondtan050
I hate you (deadpan) for giving us this cliffhanger and not even an ETA for the next chapter...
2/10/2022 c12 Mr Miliardo
I'm re-reading this and man, Sachi (I'm calling her by her handle, it's more familiar, to me at least) being a chuunibyo still really jars with her canon image. She's still a riot though. :laugh:
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