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2/5/2022 c22 capitalist banter
Augma? Is that similar to Sugma?
1/22/2022 c10 capitalist banter
Seems to me that Kazutos psychic powers not only subtly make all the girls around him like him more the longer they are there. But also attracts dumb thugs lol.
1/20/2022 c5 capitalist banter
She's being quite selfish, does she not consider that maybe Kazuto is trying to stay hidden for his own safety? And she's going to ruin that for a story in a high school paper?
1/19/2022 c1 capitalist banter
"he know this gril?"

1/19/2022 c29 hbJnAWyvblkD6821jn
My Little Sister's Friend's Friend Was Enslaving Spirits to Peep on Girls so I Used My Psychic Powers to Confront Him Before Stopping An Unwanted Advance On My Little Sister's Friend! (other name: Imoutomotomosatsu)
1/15/2022 c29 4Darkness L
I had to ask this. Is LLENN just going to be a one-time side character or is she going to show up again in later chapter? If the later, will she be playing major character?
1/9/2022 c7 biotech2135
There’s just something great about a harem protag that’s just not having any of their shit. Nice job.
1/3/2022 c28 Prometheus-42
I feel like the lock made like Asuna's bracelet shouldn't help. Sugu can still look through everything else. But I do kind of favor Sugu against Kirito here.

Overall Premiere isn't one of my favorites, but you do a good job rotating through characters given just how many you have to juggle.

Silica has Miko powers so maybe she should develop a magical girl transformation. It's not too far off.

I kind of want to see more of the action end of things since you've had so many pure romance chapters in a row towards the end. Seeing the various powers in play is always interesting.
1/2/2022 c25 Prometheus-42
I'm a bit disappointed that Sugu gaining powers didn't have a bigger impact. I get that this is a story like a sitcom where the status quo is invincible, but disappointing anyway.

It seems like Kirito should have had Himiko be the one taking on the idol role from the start. It would have given him more insulation from the attention he didn't want.

Still love the story though.
12/18/2021 c2 AliCynthesis
The latest chapter was very funny, but this chapter now hits completely differently...
12/16/2021 c28 Zideny
"Comrades in Null Value"...

...because of you sir my entire extended family thinks that I got possessed by extremely powerful evil spirit or dying.
11/29/2021 c26 trollpatrol117
All aboard the Argonaut.

Its terribly cheesy, and I love it. I have more too.

Well well well, look what the cat dragged in. And by dragged in, i mean spat out like a hairball. - Red VS Blue, Doc.

Argo is best girl, in canon and fanfiction, change my mind.
11/22/2021 c27 hbJnAWyvblkD6821jn
Damn, GGO/girly Kirito as a princess...
11/19/2021 c3 Darkness L
Strea calling herselc Hug Master Supreme reminds me of Dr. Stephen Strange as Sorcerer Supreme
11/17/2021 c27 1Lord Matthew
You know when I started reading the story I though "WTF!". Now I still think the same but with a much bigger smile.
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