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10/11 c3 Alternative Ice
Really glad to see this update. Can't wait to see where it goes from here.
10/1 c3 1PersonaNinja Lux
Jaunw is definitely going to become a XYZ user or atleast connect with Raven
9/27 c3 Sturdivant
Yes! I'm glad you decided to continue this!
9/26 c1 1CNwamadu
I want more
9/16 c3 3ValkyrionTheMagna
I think Winter should use Cyber Dragons, not only do they have a more militaristic feel, but they're also from GX era where fusion was the main thing.
9/3 c2 Guest
You should retcon that one archetype rule since it means decks such as pkfire can't be explored
9/4 c3 1CosmicArmor
im probs the only one who would join the xyz course in a heart beat.

Love xyz.
9/1 c3 Guest
So Jaune will be Glynda's personal project
9/1 c2 Guest
Lots of technical talk regarding dueling
GX never had these
9/1 c1 Guest
Awesome first chapter
A more focused look at pro dueling that GX diverged from
9/1 c3 Reader
Was hoping to see an update
I expected Oobleck to be the old school teacher and not Glynda but is interesting
Winter should definitely be Cyber Dragon imo
Poor Ruby losing to Raven
Will Vernal be a student? Maybe Raven's apprentice?
How about Amber?
9/1 c3 Guest
Are you going to give Glynda MagiKuriboh? It's an upcoming OCG card that's Dark Magician support.
9/1 c3 Eleventh Crow
Poor Ruby. Poorer Glynda. Thanks for updating this again. It's always a treat.
9/1 c3 Hexylen
Cool, for Weiss or Winter I could see them using Ice Barrier monsters
9/1 c3 avjuan37
please make more chapters
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