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for The Hand That Holds The Hammer

4/22/2019 c4 26Sentinel103
Oh my Jimmy...

4/22/2019 c4 4CajunBear73
A very disturbing visit Kim has had to Asgard and many of its inhabitants...

She's realized she needs to leave if she doesn't want to fall into the cocoon of War and Death she has been distancing herself from on Midgard.

That her dreams while healing seem promising, Loki may have mucked things up for her and Ron.

Her reaction to the 'news' is something that's sure to rock Asgard...

4/15/2019 c3 26Sentinel103
Hook Thor up with O'Fallon Gold, it's a good beer Jimmy.

Soooo, Lady Kimmie went off on an adventure, I can see that there will be things happening because she did so.

4/15/2019 c3 4CajunBear73
Kim is really making a name for herself in the Nine Realms, isn't she?

Heimdallr seems quite joyous in that Kim seems to be setting some of Asgard's traditions into a ditch...especially those that call for annihilation of Asgard...

But Kim seems to be channeling her first visit to Senor Senior when she went all out about his wasteful island and eco practices...

Can Asgard handle it? We'll wait and see.

Kim's travels took her to a Bread making Viking...helping Jormungandr in a 'Lions and Paw' moment and visited with Dwarves who appreciated her suggestions about bracelets and such...All the while seeing just how stuck in the mud things are with the Asgardians and others about Men and Women...and what is acceptable of either's behavior...

A new day's dawning, but will Kim find some resistance that she may need to Hammer out...? At least keep her out of what passes for alcohol's not that great.

4/9/2019 c2 26Sentinel103
Sooooo, Kimmie becomes She-Thor (but with brains) and is finding out that it is difficult to get dolts to change their ways.

4/8/2019 c2 14Uberscribbler
Not seeing a lot of new material here, but then what's here is more than enough. Ought to be interesting to see what comes next now.
4/8/2019 c2 4CajunBear73
Kim's not in 'Kansas anymore', is she? LOL!

The Hammer changed her life as she trying to find it in China, but where Mjollnir took her is even more of a challenge than she was looking forward to.

Regardless, Kim's now going to see a world that doesn't make sense to her and from her last encounter with the Princes of Asgard, she may be changing their world in ways they don't understand or may not want to comprehend.

And her hopping around is only starting, eh?

4/1/2019 c1 26Sentinel103
Sooooo, Kim has a little push back on a hottie huh. Hope she can keep her head around her.

4/1/2019 c1 47daccu65
Okay, this could be an interesting re-write...but a troubling thought just occurred to me...
In such a situation, I believe it's customary for all of the students to also help with the upkeep chores for the monastery and its inhabitants...maintenance, cleaning, cooking, etc. Would it be possible that Kim helped in the kitchen and did more damage than Ron inadvertently did to Yamanouchi?
4/1/2019 c1 14Uberscribbler
I thought we already saw everything there was to see on this storyline? I'm decidedly intrigued now.

Although I will confess the original rescue of KP from Asgard is among my favorite pieces from the author. I do hope its not pared down too much.
4/1/2019 c1 4CajunBear73
To find himself, Jack Kerouac had Route 66, railways and more travel in this way.

Kim's got a much bigger world to travel to find herself and very different modes of travel to do it too...

But with Hiro and Shaolin, Kim's working on things she needs to do, literally by herself.

Some others present and circumstances are about to take the trip to another plane? Oy...


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