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6h c1 TheShob
7/27 c33 Efthee
This story is AWESOME!
7/25 c33 Guest
When will chapter 34 will be published
7/24 c33 2FanficSim13
Ayo are we gonna end up with an auto attack Izuku that's able to set his power to always end the fight with one punch without killing the enemy? (might be a bit problematic since in OPM saitama just insta kills everyone because the enemies are legit monsters, but if he could do it to Garou twice without turning him into a shower of guts, then Izuku could probs handle it with anyone from a common street thug to Gigantomachia)
7/24 c27 FanficSim13
Hol up I thought they switched training camp locations since Shigaraki escaped custody? Or is their info good enough to find the new location that quickly?
7/22 c18 AzuraGod2832
Bakugou FanBoy
7/22 c27 SwiftMonkey69
I didn’t miss the line from Fabvl love it man keep up the great work
7/22 c33 Guest
Just a random fan here, I wanna let you know dude you're killin it this story is so awesome it made me read it in a single night and the best part of it I still want to read more, I don't really feel anything wrong with any of the chapters everyone felt weak to it still felt natural to me and honestly just keep on doing what you're best at. I also can't wait for the next chapter i really wish September comes by quicker
7/21 c33 Shadow Blossom
I was really looking forward to this chapter, and I'm glad you didn't disappoint. I'm sorry to hear about how the heat is impacting your writing, but I suppose one shouldn't let personal obligations affect their health. Personally, for me the only bad thing about hotter days is how it makes it harder and more stressful to manage my dog, otherwise they're preferable. It's when it's colder that my hands hurt too much to do many of the things I like such as writing, drawing, origami, ect. Not helped that I have to spend an hour fifteen outside with my dog each day regardless of weather, forcing me to endure seasonal temperature extremes. I really do not like dogs, but my parents wanted one and I'm usually the most availabe to take care of him.
7/20 c33 15Leaf Ranger
So we've got Deku preparing to learn how to truly control his power, while All Might is dealing with his successor not quite being up to snuff yet. While Tatsumaki...really? She trained Lucy from elfen Lied in this universe, I'm assuming? o.O

overall, great work! Keep it up!
7/20 c28 SecondLogic
Why y’all making gay characters man? No todomomo? And since when was tamaki and mirio ever a thing? Next thing you know aizawa and present mic are a couple wtf. I don’t mind lgbt but I don’t really like to see it in the stuff I read. Just a heads up. I’m dropping this story. It was fun while it lasted.
7/19 c17 16Auren02
And that's a drop. I had a good journey. Your writing is nice. Have fun and keep doing it. I'll check your other works. Hopefully, they don't have MCs that love to forgive very easily.
7/19 c33 zzkaizer
Everyone needs a break sometimes, you deserve one :D
Can’t wait for the next chapter:D
Keep up the great work :D
7/19 c33 AnonymusSquid
Some people didn't appreciate the Nejire fanservice? Unacceptable.
7/19 c33 HappyGuest59
Ty for waisting your time writing this book to keep us entertained :)
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