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8/8 c27 Glave Master Hodir
this "I'm quirkless" pity party makes no sense.
7/21 c1 Guest
7/3 c1 XenoReader96
Is there anyway i could get a pdf version of this so i can read offline?
6/28 c37 Sothniz
6/24 c1 Kenrio
So this will be like one punch man where izuku will find various reason to no use his power but when he use everyone will misunderstand that was other people power
6/6 c1 Guest
is he retarded or is author-san retarded? hard to tell
5/20 c1 GloGang214
he even mutters here too? I always hated that about izuku.
5/15 c10 biob1
Why would he get punished for making a crater in a TRAINING FIELD. It doesn't make sense. Damage is expected that is whst it is there for. They treat it like he just started blowing holes in the school.
5/9 c2 Guest
Yeah, humanity is pretty impressive, but not a single human can punch through a solid robot made out of steel, without external help, no matter how much they train. It’s simply not possible. Being quirkless is a severe disadvantage, proved by the war ark in the manga. Even heroes like Midnight, Miruko and Bakugo had lost their limbs and even their lives against more powerful enemies.
4/30 c37 Guest
Could someone tell George17 that not every straight guy has ape brain. Thanks.
4/9 c15 jimmy.oz
Pretty good story so far just needs more updates. keep up the good work.
4/9 c10 jimmy.oz
Too be honest feel like they should just be honest and tell them he was quirk less and that the human body can be can be evolved by working out how he did and see if it works again lol.
4/9 c5 jimmy.oz
Too be honest it would be hilarious if he just zoomed and dealt with it all only allowing the main two to leave.
4/9 c3 jimmy.oz
I wonder if it is cannon that one for all kills its user if they have a quirk or not. if so then he should have found someone quirk less instead of going to a hero school to look for one lol. then again all might is pretty dumb when it comes to that type of stuff.
4/9 c2 jimmy.oz
to be honest i hope he doesn't forgive all might.
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