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9/24 c9 aoiishi
God dammit I hate stories where Midoriya is strong yet still folds like wet paper to Bakugo. Like Bakugo literally just finished thinking about how he'd beat up Midoriya basically everyday even when Midoriya was getting more confident and stronger and here he is giving Bakugo whatever he wants instead of saying fuck you and punching him in the face so he's unconscious and can't bother him.

I always hated pathetic Deku in canon which is why I wanted strong Midoriya stories but the vast majority of them always fall back on him loving the slur Deku given to him by his 10 year straight bully and giving his 10 year straight bully special treatment by answering him, never fighting against him, and generally being as accomdating to him as he can.
9/15 c37 dap536450
please continue
9/15 c27 Savageverse
Ok no Mirio is not gay neither is tamako
9/13 c37 2Kisa tracer
I really hope the story isn't done yet. I really enjoy it. Keep up the good work and hope you update soon.
9/4 c14 Yuuuji
Oh my god, this chapter is killing me...
8/28 c37 gamberofritto
Loved it
8/27 c18 1Komigakuo
More IzuHadou pls next time? This is a riot to read!
8/25 c37 gandolfatami98fi
saitama broke the natural limit that was put on every being so naturally he has insane growth rate like explained in the manga. based on this information intent was not the only factor becouse saitama was breathing in space without any problem in the newly out manga chapters. i also wanted to see deku after witnessing the bloody state of his friends and finish everything in few sec as deku saitama are literally same and saitama does not feel anything after killing but only how the people around him feels about him.
8/20 c37 5D3adstarkll3r
That was good
8/19 c34 Guest
In my opinion.
Not letting deku punch his father was a bad idea.
I mean you talk about it so much.
That I was really looking forward to it.
The punch didn't even have to be that hard.
It would have been just hard enough for his father to be knocked off his feet.
While the punch happens deku doesn't say a word.
I think not only would it be very fitting in my opinion.
But it will make his father running away fit so much better.
Because now you can that he is running away from that reality that his son wasn't weak after all.
And once he does realize that.
It would make his plane ride back to the USA feel some much guilty and ashamed than he was originally.
Heck you could even say he could be delusional and refuses to believe or admit that he was wrong about his son being weak all his life.
8/13 c11 Turtletipper123
I do enjoy a good Samurai Jack reference.
8/1 c23 Zinthos001
Favorite moment so far has got to be the fight with stain you are ridiculously good at making Izuku unintentionally rude and it’s funny as hell
7/31 c37 15Leaf Ranger
Well that was a very cute date, especially though how they also used it as a way to help cheer up Ryukyu too. Nice work.
7/25 c31 Riptide33
7/25 c37 DiveLord
So much fluff, my heart can’t take it. Imma catch the Wilford Brimley.
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