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9/11/2020 c8 Stille und regen
Hello Hello!
hope you're well!
I kind of love your Peter. he is so clumsy and looks kind of adorable

I laughed a lot at the beginning of the chapter with all the coconut, fighting in the snow and adventure as a mouse. in addition, your internal comments are fun.

i like that you didn't write him as a hateful boy. in addition, his familiar problem of depth to the character. And when I read how comfortable he felt with his friends, it kind of hurt my heart.

his father's death was a blow, but i'm glad his peter had the opportunity to spend a few happy hours with his father.

peter making mirach smile was cute. just like he is wrapped around your little finger, lol. his joy at a horseback ride makes me imagine him as a boy.

when hermione called Ron, wow, it looks like I got punched in the stomach. that hurts. i like the interaction of mirach with peter.
and the conversation with the centaurs was very curious.
I loved this chapter. see you soon and thank you
8/26/2020 c8 Lupita07
I really like the story and concept but all the different point of views are hard to follow and take time to invest in. Please update soon as I'm really interested in where you're going with this!
8/6/2020 c8 Mimz
This story is so incredibly written and so captivating, it’s as if I am submerged into it. I feel the hope, the frustration, the dread, the grief. I am so so glad I found this story again. I read it a while ago when it was 2 chapters long before I lost it. Honestly, you’re an fantastic author and I look forward to reading more and reviewing it as new chapters come. I hope you have a brilliant day.
8/4/2020 c8 7blacksbear
oh, no, peter! i wasn’t expecting that end, at all. i wonder how this will change things ... anyways, thank you for the update! i enjoyed it a lot, especially the small glimpse of sirius caring for his cousin. it was rather nice seeing mirach interact with others, too! thank you again. your writing is absolutely wonderful.
8/4/2020 c8 2chikiwalu
I literally did a little dance when I saw the notification. :D
6/25/2020 c7 9LillianMarie2
you are an amazing writer, please update soon. i absolutely love this story and your writing is captivating
6/17/2020 c7 Stille und regen
Hello dear! I missed you. hope you're well

thanks for the update

I love Luna, so I already like Pandora.

I feel very confused, but no less admired by this chapter.

I believe the confusion comes from Pandora herself trying to understand.
it is interesting how she realizes that the memories are changing.

and it’s good that hermione’s magic works without a wand. Did I say I love the name you gave her?

the fact that being left-handed is horrible is curious, I don't remember that. but i'm curious for more.

all the views of pandora are interesting and now i'm dying of curiosity.

be alright

Lily's deduction that it all comes down to blood irritates me a little.

as well as the suspicion of James. mirach was attacked just as lily and james should have known better. although, I think the rumors about hermione didn't help much.

it is interesting how this time travel is made. where hermione is still trying to adapt and understand. the memory of ron cut my heart. and the suffering of mirach gives me a little anguish. I hope she gets well.
6/11/2020 c7 7blacksbear
I am admittedly so confused, and I loved the chapter at the same time? There’s something about your writing that I enjoy oh, so much and I am glad that you updated. Thank you so much!
1/11/2020 c6 1CCBPotter
Ame cada capítulo. Más este :3
12/12/2019 c2 Doxie Kelpie
This is such a wonderful fic! I'm so glad i found it! eagerly waiting for the next update
11/21/2019 c6 9LillianMarie2
are you going to do a real chapter update soon or just keep updating the same chapter over and over again?
11/1/2019 c6 Guest
Ah, you have no idea how happy I am to see this update! Well-written James/Hermione fics are a dime a dozen on this site, and yours is honestly one of the best. I’m so glad I discovered this fic.

I like how you explored Lily’s flaws in this chapter. Too often she gets written off as the perfect Gryffindor princess who can do no wrong, and while that certainly makes for a nice read, it tends to make her character a bit one-dimensional. Looking forward to seeing how all these characters will grow and how their various relationships with Mirach will develop. Also, I’m curious whose POV is gonna be next. (So far, my favourite’s have been Remus’, James’, and Sirius’)
10/30/2019 c1 2chikiwalu
Holy...! After reading the latest chapter, I went back to read everything over again (because I love this) and I don’t know why I didn’t notice this til now! I wondered why her hair is grey and not the signature black that the Black family has and I thought it was brought on due to her torture but her hair is grey from the dust of the rubble when she had first died! Why did I not notice this?! Others probably already put 2 and 2 together and I’m just slow but I love that little detail!
10/30/2019 c1 rubyred753
An unusual story, to be sure. At first, I thought this would be a Hermione/Harry storywhich was fine with me. Now I'm thinking/hoping the new version of Hermione is matched with James Potter. Unfortunately, I'm not sure she'll get a happy ending with anyone... Still reading, just not sure where this is going.
10/30/2019 c6 chikiwalu
Wow... so much drama. I wouldn’t mind James and Mirach getting together. I think they would be cute but Remus’ puppy love is adorable too. I also like the way you wrote Lily. When others write a bad/evil Lily, they don’t show the depth of her character. Like all she could be was a terrible person. The way you wrote shows that she is, no matter how talented or amazing, is still just a teenager with realistic emotions and motives, making bad decisions and mistakes. Loved the chapter. Hope to see an update soon and keep up the good work!
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