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4/18/2021 c18 26Sentinel103
Whoo hooo, thanks for the props Jimmy. It is a good thing for Kim and Ron to experience romantic exploits here, maybe the universe won't implode this time around.

4/18/2021 c18 4CajunBear73
This is turning out better than the Soaps, or 'Stories' as my Cajun French Grandmother used to call them, ever were...

Ron's and Crystal's explorations of their 'limits', postponed by what was probably one mission of many to a fateful destination for him and his best friend forever (wonder when the dating-until-we're ready for romance' period is declared over by Kim...hope it isn't too late there, too) leave Crystal seriously wanting and Ron...knocked out of kilter by the tazer that found him instead of the leader of the monkey-brigade at the museum...and open for what had previously been termed ' time cooties'...really put a damper on things with him, until Rufus again pulled Ron's head out of his 'Astral projection'...and got the boy back on the present and Josh's availability to ask Kim out to that dance.

Kim, on the other hand, also has her own 'cooties' to contend with, as she battles with the concept of Erica as a permanent 'fixture' of Casa-de-Possible...Mr. Gray notes their appearance and Erica can only say something is messing with sensors that she cannot see...but the cooties making appearances like this...may be due to something path-altering about to come about...for Kim's buried feelings for Ron...and Ron's sense that his path ends like many others in alternate timelines...before.

Josh, given a clue about a possible date to that dance, makes me wonder if the dance will be a pivotal point in the lives of the two who are dancing around each other, occupied with distractions that may lead them all to ruin...

MMM, Shim and Shon have a very enlightening moment and picnic as the pair's previous time away reveals their 'lives' are tracking well for them...but their 'mission'...Kim and Ron forever...doesn't seem to be panning out, right now.

I make you wonder if English is not your Native Tongue after reading my reviews? Guess this comes from the varied background of mine, growing up Cajun French but only learning the curse words...and having played Golf for many years while having been a member of the Computer Support world...I bet many of you didn't know...but if you deal with do learn another language...It's called 'Golf'...and it's nothing but four-letter-words, just like what is spoken by those who play, what is called 'Pasture Pool' by Larry...a game created at the Sacred Altar of St. Andrews, Scotland...many centuries ago...
1/2/2021 c17 CajunBear73
Something tells me, after escaping Gus' Daily Special for one, that Shim and Shon are gonna have their work cut out for them, as well as Mangani and Kala, to get Kim and Ron together-romantically...

Wonder who the new mystery intruder is, who they are fronting and what their endgame happens to be about...Probably more of the broken timelines, maybe?

But the event at JP's may bring Ron and Crystal closer together while Kim's still hunting down Josh...keeping the two best friends apart, to only be best friends...

Now to see how the long game will be played, in this round.

Hope your Christmas was Merry and you had a Happy New Year, too!
1/2/2021 c17 26Sentinel103
Yay, props AND a new chapter Jimmy. It looks like the new year is looking up...different tenses in same sentence I am proud of myself.

Soooo, different forces are going to stretch Ron in more than one way? Maybe Wade needs to get a PhD in Chemistry so that Ron can be in two places at the same time.

Welp, thanks for the update.

12/10/2020 c16 47daccu65
So, Ron is forced to admit that he really has a girlfriend and that means he default has a date for dances. I wonder how hard Crystal is going to have to work to teach him that being a boyfriend implies other responsibilities, as well. While he's had a girl a best friend most of his life, he isn't very fluent in 'female', so I wonder if it's going to fall to Crystal to teach him how to translate.
12/10/2020 c16 4CajunBear73
Ron...and Kim...seem to be in the throes of dating's whirlwind.

Ron, more stabilized than Kim, is walking on more firm ground than his Crystal is teaching and enjoying the fruits of her 'labors' while dating the Sidekick...Kim, meanwhile, has forsaken dating her Best Friend as she denies Ron because she doesn't have to put in much effort to be 'presentable' for the kisses she really enjoyed...

Girl's priorities are just a bit out of kilter...Oh well, unless she gets her cranium out of her posterior, she's going to mess things up that are bigger than her...and lose someone she would love for the rest of her life...

Shim and Shon seem to be recovering from the separation that came at the expense of one who sacrificed for his beloved KP and the other who made the tormentors of her beloved Ron pay, to eternal extinction...for their vicious deeds...

Their stop at Gus' has given them the time to reconnect and heal as both saw each end of this separation of beloveds...and to draw what each needs of the other while they rest and prepare to return home.

But I hope that 'Gus' Space Special Surprise' isn't reminiscent of certain scene in a Space-Horror Movie, or a parody of it in a Space Opera that skewered it and other Space Operas...or there will be a different kind of 'Intruder' that appears at this Diner...

My hope, at least if so, it can dance and sing like Michigan J Frog...did in the Space Opera parody...

12/9/2020 c16 26Sentinel103
Oh crap, you gave them a taste of the very first tale I wrote...I know how this is gonna play out. Good thing it's betaed.

Kim, Ron, Shim and Shon seem to be moving forward with their existence ...and with Kim and Ron multiple existences. If I remember Lowardia was burnt to a cinder though. Of course I haven't looked at that one in a while.

3/19/2020 c15 14Uberscribbler
That was interesting. Here I thought Gray was a late-generation evolution of Homo Sapiens Sapiens; now its implied s/he is something else entirely. Didn't see that coming, especially given their propensity for self-effacement.

And Kala here, quite a surprise as well. Wonder if she's still really tall and green under that image. Not sure what to think about the panther, but never mind.

Okay, so, are things moving towards the endgame or what? Heck, what is the endgame at this point?

On a final note, thanks for keeping the bath scenes tasteful. Much appreciated.

Until next chapter.
3/19/2020 c15 26Sentinel103
Climbing, bathing and meditating. So far pretty mundane and appropriate for teen aged kids Jimmy.

3/19/2020 c15 47daccu65
Ah, the course of true love...even true love that is necessary for the survival of the universe...never did run true. Sometimes friendship can be as much of a hindrance as a help in this regard. Having a cheerleader running buddy sharing a hot soak with one of the potential participants doesn't help much, either. Still, maybe Crystal will have the unenviable task of working off some of Ron's rougher edges.

All said, an enjoyable read.

Here's hoping that Covid-19 doesn't get you down.
3/19/2020 c15 4CajunBear73
While Prophecies repeat, to hopeful ends, Life intrudes and goes its own way...

Not looking good for Kim/Ron shippers as other ladies set their sights on Ron, while Kim's dithering on the edge of Mankey and other hotties-du-juor...

But those on the periphery are doing their best at trying to keep things on course.

2/15/2020 c14 14Uberscribbler
I'm badly confused now. Amused, but confused.

In good way, but...very confused. Like...well, no scenario or metaphor could or would quite cover just how confused I am right now.

I'm going to go back and re-read a few chapters. I really don't know what to make of this anymore.

Which is exactly what the Unpredictable Author was going for, I'm sure.

Eager to be further confused by the next chapter. Cheers.
2/15/2020 c14 4CajunBear73
The Universe is averse to anyone intruding upon Kim/Ron...

Coincidences, missions, interruptions and other intrusions seem to conspire against someone else on Ron's arm other than Kim...But this one time! Kim was distracted?

The world's gonna end again...

Shim and Shon...keep that cycle fueled up and ready to ride again!


2/15/2020 c14 26Sentinel103
Okay I suggest we call MMM M cubed. Soooo, Kimmie's started dating and it's time for Ronnie boy to catch up. Oh all right, jeeze.

Anyways, Ron is more capable and someone has noticed. Kim is oblivious to Ron being a guy even though he's wearing a kilt at times. Oh, Paul Henry, the kilt maker has been making Scottish Wildcat Tartan Kilts. As far as I know there are less than 100 of them since they came out 5 years ago.

10/28/2019 c13 47daccu65
I never thought that an operational analysis of a mechanoid could become...erotic. Such is a life that I do not know.
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