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for Sirius Black and the Girl With the Terrible Hair

4/8 c22 Guest
Oh God I'm choking on my laughter and my class now thinks I'm a cackling maniac. There should be a warning: do not read in public
4/8 c21 Guest
Okay wow Remus' thought process is just painful- is there any marauder that doesn't have a self-esteem complex in their friendship ranking?
3/16 c32 Infernalbooks
Ugh that made me tear up
2/4 c32 Athickie
Omg I'm crying.. Sirius and regulus! I love everything and every character pls don't stop updating your writing is so amazing! Thank you!
1/31 c32 Guest
Thank you for the update! I check all the time, and was so excited to see this. Your writing is so immersive. I can't wait for the next chapter!
1/29 c32 white.wolf13245
I’m going to start by saying this is my absolute favorite. I have literally laughed until I almost peed multiple times, giving me the best serotonin high that I haven’t had in months. I love this story so much I want to buy a copy of it when it’s finished. I will pay you $50-$100 dollars for a copy of this story so that I may take it with me for the rest of life, reading it when I’m old and in a retirement home. Hell I’ll even bury myself with it. You’re absolutely amazing with the characters and the plot-this perfect plot-and even a small sub plot with Sirius’ ex! Fucking mint! Please please please consider my offer to buy a copy of this story when it’s completed. I’ll be in the throes of death, much like James at the thought of Lily kissing Snape, if this masterpiece exits my life.
1/16 c32 EvanescoVeritas
Great work! Been reading this obsessively for a couple days now. You write the Marauders brilliantly! They are so funny and adorable and rotten. And I love how Hermione’s presence in their lives is slowly changing canon events: Peter’s redemption, James and Severus working together, and now Sirius and Reg reconciling! Can’t wait to find out what happens next. I’m hella curious about Hermione’s mysterious sweatiness, for example. Will that be explained soon? I mean, obviously I am impatient for our main pairings to get together already (wish they would hurry up!), but the mystery sweat keeps popping into my head. I NEED to know!
1/1 c23 Guest
I haven't enjoyed a fanfic this much in so long.

Specially chapter 2e, I fell down laughing from the bed reading James, Dearborn & Hermione interaction
12/22/2023 c32 Jimmielee
I love this story so much! It’s so interesting, funny, and deeply involved. Whenever I see another chapter update I’m terribly excited! Well done! (Even if I was just as crushed as Sirius there at the end!)
12/22/2023 c32 Em
Thanks for the update! Loved it.
12/20/2023 c32 Guest
Thank you for the update, I love this story and the crazy you put into it
12/19/2023 c32 30SkyeMoor
Siz is weird. Si-ri-us, nicknamed, becomes Rusty. An appropriate name for a Gryffindor Black.
(Of course, I'm weird and think Severus also nicknames into Rusty.)
Rusty's a nice nickname (steal it if you like, ideas are free)
Sev is too much like "My nickname is a knife?"

(Alternative nickname for Sirius is Eerie.)
12/18/2023 c31 Guest
Wonderful chapter
12/18/2023 c32 Varanus salvator
Ugh, surely Regulus said that bcs the situation got too emotional for him to handle? Surely he doesn't mean it right?
12/16/2023 c32 empress-starlight
Oh poor Sirius.. great update, thank you!
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