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for Sirius Black and the Girl With the Terrible Hair

21h c29 1CamiDe23
Yay! Glad to see this return! And another fantastic chapter! What is Regulus up to?! Everyone has so many secrets in this story, except James, bless him. Looking forward to the next update. Thank you for the new chapter!
3/25 c29 10TheLoud
I pity Dumbledore and Voldemort, trying to organize a war out of a bunch of teenagers.

This is far beyond a love triangle. This is a love pentagram at least.
3/25 c29 Lms365
So excited to read the update! Thank you!
3/24 c29 NightlyRowenTree
Thanks for the new chapter much appreciated
2/6 c28 Lilah green
I love the story! I am excited for your next updates.
2/2 c28 4reeroy
ah god.
1/23 c28 Lucille
Noooooooo. Just let James and Lily be together already and put me out of my misery haha. Can’t wait for the next chapter!
1/22 c27 Anastasiya kushkova
looking forward to the update
1/22 c22 Anastasiya kushkova
This is so funny
1/22 c28 Anastasiya kushkova
I love this story
1/8 c1 OnlyTeenWolf
Starting a reread because this is easily one of the best HP/Sirimione fanfics.
12/30/2022 c28 Infernalbooks
Oh shit James better do something or he’s gonna lose his girl!
12/4/2022 c28 Hedwig1223
I love this story! It’s so funny, I can’t wait to see what happens
12/1/2022 c1 12poppi
Oooof well that’s a stupid move on Lily’s part, I feel bad for Hermione managing a bunch of naive teenagers lmao
11/22/2022 c28 Guest
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