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for It's Better to Share the Pain

1/4 c15 GamerAsh
12/31/2020 c15 W01frunn3r
I honestly do not understand people's hurry. I have followed stories that haven't been updated in years. You just do what you need to do. Do not let people rush you.
12/31/2020 c15 ReaperDemonIceWolf
Take all the time you need and focus on what is truly important. I do love your story but your health and business comes first and if others can't understand that then they need to open there damn eyes. 2020 has been a fucked up year for everyone and some people are just starting to get back on there feet from it. Hope the next chapter is great like the others but done rush it cause people want to be assholes.
12/29/2020 c15 18Toroka25
Well whoever said that to you was an Ass! Get well soon! I'm absolutely loving your story, btw!
12/22/2020 c1 PinKrystal
Okay this is a good start. Let me read another chapter then
12/22/2020 c15 SnoekTheAmourshipper
We understand, take your time.
12/22/2020 c15 GalacticJazz
Take the time you need and prioritize what matters. We'll be here when you’re ready! A story with high quality like this one is worth the wait
12/21/2020 c15 ItsAllOchreNow
Ignore them natty. You have one of the best if not the best NaruSaku fic(s) ever written imo. Take as much time as you need it’s driving me crazy not have great chapters to read from all of the good fics on here right now too. But I think I and a lot of other fans would prefer you being in a good place and taking your time. Then when you can eventually getting us out a quality chapter. Would rather wait a long time for a good update then have you get rushed and pressured into writing something you or us readers wouldn’t be happy with. Anyway thanks again stay healthy and happy! Looking forward to the next update!
11/27/2020 c15 Steen Gellegani
next chapt plss love reading it
11/23/2020 c15 Guest
looking forward to reading no problem waiting hope you get better and love the story
11/24/2020 c15 Issei Uzumaki
Praying for your health, good luck!
11/23/2020 c15 4Keytoviktory
My heart goes out to you, I'm always of the mindset of send it when it's done. I hope you can feel better and are taking it easy and doing your best to look after your self. I love this fic and I love how you're building this relationship and the world so I'm happy it's not gonna go to the land of dead fics, so again keep safe, keep sane and thank you for your work.
10/16/2020 c14 Guest
Um... Didn't Itachi kill Izumi himself by placing her in a Tsukuyomi to live out her life before killing her?
10/18/2020 c14 1zachosg7
an interesting take on events in this What If story

I will fav and follow to see where this goes
10/11/2020 c2 Emb3rSky283
Please, for all that is good and pure in the world, have Sakura flip that advice around on Tsunade about Jiraiya and finally give those two the happiness they deserve.
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