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4/20/2019 c8 12Hawkmaid
Hi! Sorry I haven’t reviewed lately. My life got extremely busy very suddenly! Anyhow, your doing and amazing job on this. You have captured the atmosphere, as well as the characters beautifully! I’m seriously enjoying reading this! I have been reading all your updates and you are doing amazing! Happy Easter! You’re doing a great job! ;)
4/2/2019 c1 Hawkmaid
This is really different and very interesting. I don’t know how you managed to mix my favorite book series and my favorite musical into one story! It’s pretty amazing what the imagination can do!
This is really good so far and you should definitely finish it! I hope that it gets more in depth as the story continues. I feel like the prologue was kind of just a brief intro to the story. I hope that it gets more detailed! Anyhow, keep writing!

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