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for 100 Fragments of Eren x Historia

11/3 c9 NovaDeer
This has so much potential, something you should definitely look back on once you finish your other fics :D
10/28 c6 NovaDeer
*sad weeb noises*
But honestly every time the god damn farmer is brought up I just can't help but laugh
10/28 c1 NovaDeer
This was so stupid. I love it
8/4 c5 fahri.uchiha
Oh yeah!
8/4 c4 fahri.uchiha
Aaa, How lovely
8/4 c3 fahri.uchiha
Happy Birthday! Xd
8/4 c2 fahri.uchiha
Love this!
8/4 c1 fahri.uchiha
Promising Story
4/23 c9 MidnightJaybird
I want more pieck action pls, like the implication of eren being the harem protagonist
4/6 c9 LoMal
I loved all chapters but this one was really great, please do a part 2.
3/24 c9 32Sergeant Daniel
I love this chapter. I thought it was amazing. The premise reminded me of Fire Emblem Three Houses in terms of setting. I hope there's a continuation of this chapter cause i really want to see more of it. Anyway update soon.
3/18 c9 Pandasrkewl
PFFFT what an ending.

Ahhh, the fake relationship to a real one trope. Generally, I don't like it, but something about Eren and Historia with the trope makes me like it. Then again, I'm a sucker for arranged marriage AUs, so there's that too. Also, love "bitchy"/"Ice princess" Historia in a school setting. Reminds me of that school AU from the manga.

Looking forward to a possible continuation of this story!
3/18 c7 Pandasrkewl
This one definitely feels like an anime (I mean, AOT is an anime, but like a romance anime).

Also, love the ending twist : Very romance anime ending-like.
3/18 c5 Pandasrkewl
Yay, I'm so glad that you're still writing! You have no idea how happy I was when I saw the notifications for this in my email. This chapter was hilarious (albeit a bit confusing with tying in the Marley arc with a snowball fight, but still hilarious).

Also, ahhhh Erestoria content. I've missed you so.
3/18 c9 azami sullivan
i think you're the best EreHisu Author :v
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