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for King's Blade and the Queens who want to suck it

9/2/2019 c6 kirito emiya
8/7/2019 c6 6Mr. Grumpy the Depraved
Should of hate fuck that bitch into submission for taking him away from his milf and bimbo nun.

Where's the sexsu~?!.

Pop dat' pussy!, OH~!, pop that pussy baby!~
8/6/2019 c6 Blaze1992
That was massively annoying.
8/2/2019 c6 Guest
Nice chapter moving the story along
7/29/2019 c6 Guest
No sex. :(
7/28/2019 c6 5Felipe1402XZA
saitama reference here
7/28/2019 c6 alec-potter
Nice fight but he should return to his mother soon.
7/27/2019 c6 Nivek Beldo
The battle against aldra was brutal, no selling her trick put her to the edge and make her loss her cool, barely delmore could have helped her.

So did Delmore got purified? or just got so weakened got take out for a while? that was left unclear but trully Rana did make a number on Aldra, the poor Queen feels could be defeated and almost defenseless, but i know Rana would have not raped her...but she might have started to ask for sex later on, a shame, maybe later on you can get waifu aldra...i would have love to get aldra now and the suprise both Cattelya and Melpha go when they saw that rana seduced and conquered the queen, poor Catt would have fainted.

Well seems Rana got send to the swamp and found some goblin slavers..hope he can get Brawnen before got slaved and get back to gainos via gorilla scientist jump...
7/27/2019 c6 5Blank-name26
That was so cool.
7/27/2019 c6 TheSEXNumber
No smut... my dissapointment is immeasureable, and my day is ruined.
7/27/2019 c6 3Cyan Sung-Sun
You should have wrote: Get Skittered! Or maybe Skittiled instead.
7/27/2019 c6 Kalstorm99
Awesome chapter!
7/27/2019 c6 Ruberforumfree
Why in the name of all that is Holly did he leave her ALIVE?! Does he want his enemy to become stronger and kill all that he loves?! Did this just become a Shounen manga?
7/26/2019 c5 8ThePowerfullKira
so this is just a self insert with sazams ability.
7/26/2019 c1 Mr Beaver Buttington
Lot's of spelling errors here.
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