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for Bad Faith A Story of Maligned Honor

6/24/2004 c8 19Lifelessmidget

man i have no vocabulary whatsoever .

well that word describes the fic quite well enough in my opinion

sorry for the lack of words

i personally loved the hospital bit being the H/D freak i am LOL
6/24/2004 c7 Lifelessmidget
. i feel so sorry for Draco's and Harry's younger self .

poor lil buggers

well i hope that they get together anyhow LOL
6/24/2004 c6 Lifelessmidget
OMG this was a greatass chappie ^^ even though there wasn't the usual Harry/Draco bit in it heheh

You did say that there was going to be some in the next chappir though so yeah


i will grin till the sun don't shine

6/24/2004 c5 Lifelessmidget
^^ i am grinning so wide that im afraid my face will split

i LOVE your story hehehe its fully KOOL
6/24/2004 c4 Lifelessmidget

Its Draco/Harry LOL

poor Hermione though... but i guess its a good thing for her

loved the little spell

very interesting ^^
6/24/2004 c3 Lifelessmidget
NO damnamit

personally i just wanted Harry to be the partner LOL

but thats only because i really love d/h lol
6/24/2004 c2 Lifelessmidget

Harry to the rescue i suppose hehe

love the story and the description of the curse

brilliant in all its words

love the story

keep it up
6/24/2004 c1 Lifelessmidget
OMG love the way you describe everything

you must teach me how to write LOL love the style a LOT
6/16/2004 c8 3hamie

Great story
5/28/2004 c8 Emeline
It was great! Keep working on it! I like it when they dont immediately accept it and go all lovey dovey. I like making it difficult. Lol
5/12/2004 c8 8Kyra2
If more will be revealed in the next chapter then you need to hurry up and get to it! You'retaking too long and everything is just starting to make sense and it isn't very nice of you.
Okay..think I'm done now.
Good chapter, liked the Harry/Draco interaction.
5/11/2004 c8 31Skysha-Tranqui
I like the different way you had Draco and Harry react to their bond - although they probably don't really understand everything yet. Please update soon? *begging*
4/25/2004 c8 d3l3t3n0w
I love stories like this. I so hope you write more soon. Write, write I say! :Grins: Hope you get the next part out soon.
4/19/2004 c8 7The Stunning Lies of Lullabies
This story is good, But I WANT HARRY/DRACO LOVE DAMMIT! *pouts like the four year old she is* anyway, I really like this story, especially when you made that twist about Hermione being the "Young lion" but Harry and Draco are bonded because of true love...sheer brilliance. I can't wait for more (though it seems like I must, ah well.) I'll you give you TWO chocolate biscuts for your time if you put up another chapter soon *blinks sweetly*
4/19/2004 c2 The Stunning Lies of Lullabies
I fucking crying right now, man...this is too fucking good.
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