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for Bad Faith A Story of Maligned Honor

4/14/2004 c8 fowler Nsow
Wonderful wonderful story! One of the best ones that I've read really. Plz update soon! I'm dying to find out what is going to happy next!
4/13/2004 c8 1Darknessreigns
i can't wait to c what happens next!
this story is just so good and nice long chappies too *sigh* i love harry and draco slash.
keep writing dudette cos its really good
4/11/2004 c8 1Isis-mystic
good chapter...can't wait for the next one!
4/11/2004 c8 8Love-slave
write more quickly! i read the whole thing in one night, that should prompt you! i want to see more Harry/Draco! :)
4/11/2004 c4 Love-slave
that's soo cool, i can't wait to read more... excuse me. :)
4/11/2004 c2 Love-slave
i loved that second chapter. the idea is so clever, i can't wait to read more. i wanna see Harry's reaction!
4/7/2004 c8 Yana5
Yes a new chapter...
when is the next chapter coming ouy
4/7/2004 c8 2The Fallen Caryatid
GAH! It took you forever to update this story! I was worried at I would have to take you off my favorite stories list!
But seriously, another beautiful chapter. I'm totally looking forward to more-I can't wait to find out Harry and Draco's reaction to each other!
4/5/2004 c8 1Fitful Fantasy
Well, if the light was _white_ tinged with _red_ I believe they won't be too against the next step...
4/5/2004 c8 eth
OOh I like this!
4/4/2004 c8 bluebutterfly9
Ooh I'm all excited. It does seem that Harry has already understood what is going on and even if he does not like it so far he is accepting. I can't wait to find out how Madam Pomphrey knew about the bond or what caused Harry's pain and Draco's ache. Very curious about where this will go and yet a tad nervous for both Severus and Draco in regards to Voldemort.
4/4/2004 c2 4deb-sampson
Good work! I prefer drama to comedy in fanfiction and yours is a well-written story to boot!
4/4/2004 c8 PinkStrawberryMarshmellowDream
hey...i go to click next chapter and there's no next chapter...
ah well, you're pretty good.
4/3/2004 c8 6CuriousDreamWeaver
Good chapter. It was interesting in how Draco reacted to what he had seen. Nicely done. Please write more!
4/3/2004 c8 10Shania Maxwell
great story! continue~
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