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for Bad Faith A Story of Maligned Honor

5/11/2003 c1 2The Fallen Caryatid
Bravo! Write more, please, I love it!
5/11/2003 c1 Amber Wind
Very, very interesting! I hope to see next chapter soon
5/11/2003 c4 3Elvish Fairy
DONT MAKE HARRY GAY! srry...i just like harry being straight...
5/11/2003 c4 5G-21
That was an amazing story!
5/10/2003 c4 Tina
Wah~! That so soo good! UPDATE QUICKLY!
5/10/2003 c4 carolyn
hello. well. now that left me hanging...again. you have a knack for that. today my dad went golfing and he said that if he made a hole in one, we could go on this harry potter tour in england, scotland , and wales. suffice to say that niether of us will be going to the uk this year. oh well. when i'm free of the clutches of my zoo keepers, also known as parents, i will travel the world...i hope. i like lollipops.
5/10/2003 c4 8meijing
This story rocks, NayNymic! I can't wait to see what happens next. I love the way that you described everything, and especially how things turned out (you had me thinking that I had misread the summary and this was a Hermione/Draco)! Keep going - I'll be waiting for the next chapter! ^_^
5/10/2003 c4 Tash
I really love this fanfic, please continue it soon.

5/10/2003 c4 Mak
YAY! *bounces around happily* and then ponders over what white could be... tis very good and rather interesting as well...I am waiting expectantly on your next chapter. Update soon, please.
5/10/2003 c4 EsriTrax
You are such a meanie, how can you leave me hanging on such a cliffhanger! Nah, love your story ;)
5/10/2003 c4 5Blue Rosed Dragon
Oh! Really good so far! But you left me in suspense! What's gonna happen now? PLEASE update soon! Can't wait for the next chapter! Till then!

~ Blue Rosed Dragon @};-
5/10/2003 c4 Nicole

I wanna know what happens next! I bet that the white light is meant to signify love isn't it! It's the only logical answer unless it's was some completely insane like... i don't know... just something insane. Anyways I've enjoyed the story so far and thought I would tell you so. I think that authors should know how many people have read their stories because not everyone decides to review you know! Anywho... I type(talk) too much when I get excited and I really want to know what happens next. So i'll be just itching to read your next chapter! Hope it comes soon but no pressure or anything, because something that's not done well or thought through thoroughly is just not worth reading.

Yah so...uh...see yah! can't wait for the next chapter thanks!
5/10/2003 c4 KageShin
yayayayayayay! Awesome! I love the plot (very unique twist) and the especially the bonding scene in this chapter! Update! *wants desperately to read next chapter* If it takes a while, it's fine. I want every chapter to be excellent. Will Harry and Draco actually transform into the animals you've named them? and is that last part Latin and French, or just Latin?
5/10/2003 c4 6musegurl18
: Jumps up and down: YAY we:: starts to clap enthusasticly: I am happy that its a DM/P fin not HG/DM YAY GO NayNYMIC!

:Blushes: Ne ways this story is good but it would be better if u wrote longer chappies ^-^. THis story sounds interesting. Is there going to be a lemon( a sex chappie)? ?_? You should make one it would be good ^-^. I think it would be cute if you let eatiher harry or draco have a baby since Harry seems to want one. And gay couples can get married.Well sorta i forget what type of marrige it is but then next time i will write it down unless you no what i am talking about. Where is Ron in this story? Did he dissapere wouldnt he be mad if Herm did that with Draco? Ah well this story is good ^-^ : cartweels away but stumbles on the evil bunny; DAMN BUNNY!: Ahem well bye ~_~
5/10/2003 c4 tabbes
this is stunning, magnificant, amazing, pure genuis.. how did you come up with such an amazing story, and be able to convey it that well..i'm speechless really

its not fair! theres you and then there's me who cant write worth beans
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