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2/20 c37 pyrak
I would assume that German is likely a translated language and thus blitzkrieg would reasonably be auto-translated to "lightning war"
2/19 c40 Nadrek
Very interesting indeed; an excellent AU. The politics are well done and believable, as is Shepard's reaction to being stranded far from home - not abandoned, not with the weekly doctor appointments never mind Freya stepping in to be her AI partner, but definitely exiled involuntarily.

I'm amused at the billion credit bonding bracelets, buying Shepard her own business, and the clever solution of a microbrewery purchase.

Poor Tevos, too, they were just about to announce the bonding.

And here, Reaper tech being used to give Shepard biotics; very clever. Dangerous, perhaps, too, given the Hanar-provided 'gift' that gave Tevos brain tissue necrosis, but Freya Citadel tech can probably keep things in line.

I look forward to the next chapter whenever it's ready!
2/11 c40 1valkrus
Might want to take a look at how you spell Benezia you have been misspelling it into Benzzia
2/9 c40 Guest
thanks for the chapter !
2/6 c40 Chronus1326
Good chapter and we'll written, I was upset tou skipped over the actual operation when they got Osh's body back
2/5 c40 3Foxy-Floof
Poor Ladochka. That's gonna be a tough one. And any reaper tech will cause indoctrination. Is Freya aware of that?
2/5 c40 AyeJimmy123
2/5 c40 3The Prime Cronos
Sweet sweet Story Progression. So Shepard is getting acidantally upgraded and there seems Tonne more and more unity.
2/4 c40 Scarease
Well Shit that not nice at all .Hope you figure out that some Sarens gift were Reaper tech help control Council some removing those would be great .
2/3 c40 evattude
I hope she hasn't forgotten tevos and her are bonded and that she's able to get here memories back. (At least the important ones quickly). So is she gonna basically have biotics now? That's cool as long as you don't plan for the reapers to use it to indoctrinate her cause then that'll be sad as I really like these 2 as a power couple
2/3 c40 4Monster King
Your doing amazing
1/31 c38 evattude
I love seeing them getting ready to fight the collectors and the scenes
1/31 c39 evattude
I hope shepard isn't to damaged or that they put something in that can hurt her or tevos later
1/14 c39 2SixFtWookie
Cool story. Love every time the elevators come up, its always funny.
1/11 c39 4Monster King
Awesome work please continue
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