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10/17 c30 Scarease
Shock reaper being such ass holes .As mayor mind being them want Society that be peace with Synthetics and here is society done exactly that .So if things done right then their would not be need for Cycle to continue .Sit back and observe this society then use their connect to promote change other races .
10/17 c30 4Greatazuredragon
Oh boy... the headaches are her being slowly indocrinated isn't it? O.o
Nice chapter, good work.
10/17 c30 evattude
This is a great chapter! Can't wait to see what happens next!
10/17 c30 Pteaset
So good I wish there were more good mask that story but every time just wanted to update it I’m always happy
10/17 c30 DarkChampion
I like the shift in their interactions that happened. Trevose is starting to tease her.
10/17 c30 tom476ty18
Great Chapter
While the story is at a slow pace, It is really interesting to see what is going on behind the scene.

Going back to the virus thing. Still don't believe that the Quarians are behind because if they have a virus that can do something like this then it raises the obvious question of why they haven't tried it yet. Sure someone could argue that the Virus was newly created. However, to use it against a human AI doesn't seem like the right move. Because one the virus was developed for the Geth which is a Quarian AI not human.

Who is to say it's going to work. Moreover, it found out it would antagonize the humans against the Quarians in the near future if humanity is to leave the solar system. This means this virus belongs to the reapers when it first contacted the Humans. I can already imagine the confusion of the Quarian admiralty when the human brings this accusation up to them.

However, I believe this confusion would also bring attention to the reapers who will be changing their plans to this unexpected situation involving humanity.

It is also interesting for you to do the interview. Not only does humanity know more about the council and its responsibilities. It also shows them about certain issues with the Batarians. Whether or not a war between humanity or the Batarians will occur is something I want to see down the line.

Great Chapter I look forward to seeing what is in store for the next.
10/7 c1 Guest
Why didn't your humanity slow boat it to another system? We could do that within the next century irl.
10/1 c29 IHateGenericCereal
Great chapter, I love the concept of the big boy AI so this is a fun plot development.
9/26 c29 CheesusChrist15
I hope this picks up, last 10 chapters have really dragged
9/25 c19 Xehanot
Mint Sauce? Seriously?
9/15 c29 szlekane
thanks for the updated!
9/13 c29 3The Prime Cronos
This is going to be interesting, I have been wondering when WE will See multiple theaters For Action again.
I am very excited how this will continue.
This Virus seems like the early Version how Nazara divided the geth.
9/12 c29 4Greatazuredragon
Awesome chapter, thanks for the update.
9/12 c29 1hagbraten
hey, awesome story so far, quick note though, the concept of left and right leaning parties is a human one, so Tevos shouldn't know what Shephard means with it.
9/12 c29 Pteaset
So good
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