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9/10 c17 3Greatazuredragon
Nice chapter, good work.
9/9 c17 EvilTheLast
Good update.
9/5 c17 George Cristian810
Honestly to think that in over 1500 years we never manage to devise a ftl engine is beyond unrealistic . Plus the fact that we never tried to reach the closest stars plus the lack of technological inovation in your humanity plus social , political ,economic and genetic relative stagnation put this story in a no read category .
Also if our relay was incased in ice bc it wasnt used for 50000 years why werent all the relays in the galaxy in the same state , after all they werent in use for the same time before being rediscovered .
9/4 c17 3The Prime Cronos
Damn nice update! Finally the eezo poisening comes out. :D
9/3 c17 Miro0815
You have two contraditionary definitions for neutrons instead of one for neutrons and one for protons.

Unless it was intentional to depict Sheperad as a non-person because of her being augmented, I would suggest not to refer to a soldier as "it" - especially if it is clear, that she is female.

I have my doubts if the shock-wave generated by the equivalent of a small nuke, which had to spent significant energy to deform the "super-alloy", would do more damage to the crew than shrapnel and being sucked out into space. Mind you, I do not doubt that it would rip everyones eardrums and knock them down.

I like the idea for this story. As well as concentrating more on diplomacy and differing perspectives.
In regards to advise: Get a beta-reader to point out gramma-mistakes.
I didn't notice any misspellings, meaning you've already taken due diligence and only using more English will really help with the gramma / odd phrasing.
Your choice of tense is odd too.
Normally you would use past simple, past continous, past perfect and past perfect continous for narrative purposes.
You are using present tense combinded with past tense.
Though I want point out, that I've seen significantly worse.
9/3 c17 Fallyna
Always good to discover a new story story with an interesting premise. HFY fics have their place, but realistic encounters between spacefaring species aren't curbstomps by default and humanity has some interesting strengths in this story to make up for their extreme weaknesses. Playing the other species off against each other would seem to be their best bet, but I'll be following with interest to see where you go with this.
9/3 c17 Chronus1326
Wow this was a great chapter! Thank you for writing! I think i want to re read from the beginning again.
9/3 c17 Scarease
Well fuck the four eyed slavers .
9/2 c17 1Sceonn
First we have another human referring to Shepard as an 'It'. Then we have the Citadel knowingly allowing a delegate of a First Contact specie on a cease fire to be poisoned by their ship.
9/2 c17 Hadrian.Caeser
Great chapter. Like the way you show the asari
9/2 c17 10Just a Crazy-Man
9/2 c17 deitarionSSokolow
"'28800 seconds, with each second being the duration of 9,192,631,770 periods of the radiation corresponding to the transition between the two hyperfine levels of the ground state of the Caesium-133 atom, defined as 53 protons, and 78 neutrons. Each neutron is composed of 2 Up quarks, and 1 Down quark, and each neutron built from one Up and two Down quarks. All of this is as at the lowest levels of the thermodynamic temperature scale'"

Aside from the typo where you give two different definitions of a neutron and no definition for a proton, your definition is ill-considered, because other species would have no definition of which kind of quarks we've named "up" and "down".

Probably better to do something like defining protons and neutrons by reference to the makeup of hydrogen and helium, since it's easy to define hydrogen based on their role and prevalence in the universe and easy to distinguish neutrons by their lack of charge without having to agree on definitions for "positive" and "negative". (After all, our names are actually reversed, because of an early misconception over the particles roles.)
9/2 c17 m-f42
I can't say much, it's only been less than a year. Still, though, get the fuck on with it. I feel like I've been reading the FC forever.
8/15 c12 Pteaset
So good ty
8/9 c16 oxyd2013
Not much is happening, it becomes slightly boring.
Also, I find the lack of reactions by the humans to the multiple Citadel infringements very illogical. And I'm not even talking about spilling out every kind of informations that could later be used against humanity.
It's frankly quite infuriating.
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