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3/16 c23 TheAutarch
Despite not playing mass effect i enjoyed this. Thank you
3/14 c23 1sayantan2201
Ohh, this last chapter was spicier than I expected. I really did not expect a battle with a reaper this early in the story but it sure if going to ramp up fast. The Geth AI interaction built up nicely and is indeed looking towards a full alliance.

I am guessing new tech is going to be the focus as new research material is available?

Thanks for the story,
3/13 c14 T3mp3rusMaximus
7km circumference? that only comes out to 2 point something km in diameter, why is this still being referred to as a ringworld at such a small size?
2/25 c23 IHateGenericCereal
Ah, the good ol human desire for revenge. Good chapter, interesting method of interrogation.
2/9 c23 Hadrian.Caeser
2/7 c23 3The Prime Cronos
Well If the Humans are good at 2 Things, bringing people togather and escalating conflict to the heavens If they are pushed.
2/7 c23 Tom712
2/6 c23 oxyd2013
So, in their search for FTL, will the humans try to emulate Citadel/Geth technology or will they come up with something else?

In case they go for eezo, humans seem particularly susceptible to eezo radiation: will they use heavy shielding? Species' genetic modification?
If not they could consider to acquire a single mass effect ship to install the seeds of industrial production installations in the systems they want to control, then build a lot of remote piloted non-FTL ships. This way, human influence could go faster than light without a single human ever breaking the speed of light (except for communications).

Other solution would be to use eezo and android bodies with human uploaded personalities (the president would like that).
My preference would still go to some kind of space-warping or wormhole tech independent of eezo (kinda mass-effect without eezo?). How hard can it be to modify the speed of light along a ship's trajectory? I bet Einstein himself would approve.
2/6 c23 indeedjaffa
Yeah, I think I'm gonna drop this story. Not a fan of the casual acts of propaganda efforts by this human government. Even serious acts are very iffy. There are better ways.
2/6 c23 4Greatazuredragon
Just a heads up, you mixed the Hanar with the Batarian in this chapter. You said it was the Hanar that atacked the humans.

Save that, very nice chapter.
2/6 c23 cdsabogal196
Please do not forget that what mass effect 1 and 2 says is still canon, the genocide that the geths committed is canonical. They did do everything that those games mention, it sucked that mass effect 3 forgot all that and treated as if they had always tried to communicate with the galaxy
2/6 c23 EffervescentNova
Things are progressing.

I'm surprised the Geth had a Heretic to hand though.
2/6 c23 tom476ty18
Well I think it's about time humanity get themselves armed and ready.

Bringing back railguns I see, Well it is interesting the fact that the weapons the human ships were using used heat to melt through a ship armor. It is interesting to find out that projectile weaponry is useless due to "relay metal". Thus had to used plasma to melt and penetrate the armor thorugh shear heat. But now it would appear that ballistic or projectile weapons may once again be brought back. To deal with the reapers.

It is also interesting that, the Solar system is running out of resources. Which would also explains why humanity wants FTL technology. And as hencefore asked the Geth for trade. Nevertheless I could already speculated the potential implications and consquences of such a mutal benefit relations with the Geth.

Other than that , I am looking forward to reading the next chapter.

Great chapter
2/6 c23 Pteaset
So good ty
2/6 c23 evattude
Great chapter!
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