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9/12 c29 MarauderPrime12
Excellent chapter
9/12 c29 oxyd2013
Lots of progress on the list of issues that needed some solving. It suddenly becomes much more interesting. Yeaahhh!

So, I guess the Hanar gov is under some indoctrination spell for sending Tevos a suspicious artifact. They are probably behind the pirates' attack too.

Are the batarians being typical batarians or is there something more to it? I would bet they are their usual charming selves, almost innocent victims in this whole affair.

About the Citadel council trying to force the issue of absorbing humanity into its fold (Tevos, Sparatus), I wonder if they ever considered for a single second the incredible arrogance of the policy they are pushing for. This is so transparent I'm surprised nobody voiced their concern, even among the Citadel species. Any backlash in the planning? Also, I find Shepard to be a little too accommodating with Tevos' goals: Stockholm syndrome or calculated move by Shepard's superiors?

It seems the AIs back home have acquired some samples of Eezo technology. Will humanity soon escape its "prison" on her own terms? Arcturus is just three days away at worst by standard eezo FTL. Any plans of dismantling the relay to make a lot of eezo ships? Unless someone finds a workaround this eezo stuff. It would also solve the problem of a powerful alien artifact inside the Sol system.

By the way. Considering Arcturus is not that far from Sol by regular FTL, why wasn't it considered returning the stranded humans and ultrons back to Sol through "traditional" means? Did I miss something?

Anyway, good chapter.
Now, let's beat the crap out of this nasty alien virus! That would would be quite an advantage when dealing, trading with the Geth.

By Sigmar! I sure hope the humans don't go for a quick and dirty association with these Citadel xenos.
Good neighbors? Yeah, maybe... if they are very polite.
Subservient pussies as in canon? Perish the thought!
9/12 c29 Hadrian.Caeser
Now this is interesting. Maybe a Prothean weapon?
9/12 c29 datavid94
this is great as always
9/11 c1 JollieHotDog
What's FC
9/11 c29 tom476ty18
It's nice to see this fic being updated.

Interesting I see that the Reapers are making their move. It's interesting that you included the Reapers to use a virus. Which is actually quite smart for the Reapers. In most stories, I read the Reapers were only attacking by their superior in numbers and technology. And were normally overconfident in their ability to enforce the cycle. Without any problems, and were most affected by their hubris.

Here what I really like is they're now thinking strategically. And believe humanity to be such a great threat that they "have" to use unconventional methods. Such as using a powerful virus to disable Humanities powerful state-of-the-art defenses. And their technology and AI so that conquering humanity is quick and won't pose a problem to the cycle. A smart thing to do considering they cannot use the collectors anymore. After all, humanity is only confined to their solar system which is a double-edged sword for them. While safe in their solar system from future attacks which allowed them to developed interesting technologies that the galaxy wants. As you stated before. They lack resources to develop their civilisation and they're isolated from the greater galaxy.

What you did here is something most people who write about the Reapers tend to miss out on a key important fact. The fact that their AI's. With the ability as galaxy destroying war machines that can hack into any electronic devices or computer network to spread chaos and disarray; a key feature that is lacked in many mass effect fanfics. The Russian movie Invasion(2020) play's this trope really well. The Alien AI in the movie intercepted Enemy communications and replacing what is being said with their own to cause confusion to their enemy. I can accept the fact that most of the galaxies don't use AI's due to the Geth rebellion. But however, rarely did they mention that normal computers or the extranet could be affected.

After the action in the last chapter, Humanity in this story just can't seem to catch a breath one way or another. It's just one problem after the other.

Anyway, great chapter I am looking forward to reading the next.
9/11 c29 evattude
Great chapter!
9/6 c28 1Theother1.gater
man I have been following you since back when you where still writing man from berk and I have to say I have enjoyed every moment of it. glad you're still around and making great stories.
8/27 c28 1Chillingbear
Just read your fic start to finish.

4/10 rating.

Solid writing, but you write about a whole lot of nothing. 150k words and feels like we're still in the intro.
8/23 c28 YouDoYou
"go medieval on their hiney" What?
8/12 c25 Mastersgtjames
So... they did not return the AI(Ava), nor did the humans inform them that they are aware of everything it is seeing, nor has it been mentioned once, outside of confirming that the Council now has it.
8/12 c23 Mastersgtjames
Kinda annoyed the Humans did not share any of the research on the Reaper Vessel. Like that it is constucted from Flesh.
8/12 c22 Mastersgtjames
I feel like the Humans should have been able to deal WAAY more damage to the Reaper. I mean, they destroyed Reapers with Railguns and lasers. Plasma should do better.(to a degree)
8/12 c21 Mastersgtjames
Feels weird to have a Mass Effect story where the Asari Diplomats have not so much as asked to Meld.
Also, pretty sure the Council did not have QEC. That was something the Humans made, then shared. Which made them recognizing the Humans QEC even weirder. Since QEC has NO LAG, regardless of distance. Could be halfway across the universe and still have a real-time communication. So if the Council has them, which has been stated in this story, there would be no lag in their commincations.
8/12 c4 Mastersgtjames
After over 1000 years, shouldnt there be WAY more people? Like, Trillions? That, by necessity, would require a larger military than what is shown here? How are they so defenseless in this situation.
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