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8/12 c21 Mastersgtjames
Feels weird to have a Mass Effect story where the Asari Diplomats have not so much as asked to Meld.
Also, pretty sure the Council did not have QEC. That was something the Humans made, then shared. Which made them recognizing the Humans QEC even weirder. Since QEC has NO LAG, regardless of distance. Could be halfway across the universe and still have a real-time communication. So if the Council has them, which has been stated in this story, there would be no lag in their commincations.
8/12 c4 Mastersgtjames
After over 1000 years, shouldnt there be WAY more people? Like, Trillions? That, by necessity, would require a larger military than what is shown here? How are they so defenseless in this situation.
8/12 c1 Mastersgtjames
No comments on Humans looking like Asari? Or have they not yet seen anyone outside of armor?
8/10 c28 Germanspeaker
I have only recently come across her story, but I like it very much. The tactic of attacking without being seen reminds me of the tactic that is becoming more and more popular in our military, I also find it very interesting. One problem I have with mass effect is that I see the council as outdated. In the past, the race, person or nation that was best adapted always won. Adaptation means change. I think they do a good job of making it obvious to me as a human, but unimportant to the other races. just a government that has always been there. What I would like to see is a Shepard who fights. In Marin armour, rifle and the will to fight. Asari die, Turians die but a human remains standing. I'm also waiting for the Council to take a real beating.
8/10 c28 RazRift
Thanks for the update. I really liked the engagement at the end, how calm Quirinus was and how decisive the small engagement was. Ofcourse your take on council politics from an Asari perspective was quite fresh and made sense, you where taking information that was already there and we knew about and expanding upon it to flesh out your character a lot more.
8/8 c28 4Greatazuredragon
Very nice chapter, good work.
8/8 c28 3The Prime Cronos
Well, the turians will grow big eyes when Humans will start expanding and clashing with the hegemony
8/8 c28 Bluesnowman
8/7 c28 NovaSaber
Smart move by Quirinus! Instead of engaging the Batarians, he let them know on several occasions that they are doing an illegal activity and while His fleet wouldn't stop them, they also wouldn't protect them either! And letting the Humans engage? Not only does Quirinus get valuable data on Human weapons, Quirinus can't be held responsible for the actions of the Batarians given that he warned them several times and that if he engaged the Batarians, it would result in a political mess.

Meanwhile, he already knows the Geth ship is vulnerable to his weapons, so that ship alone is no risk. The humans don't intend to start a fight with the Turians given the distance from home and they get Eezo poisioning when using the relay. And the Humans told Quirinus that they would defend the Geth ship. And considering that Humans ships are known to be made of Relay Metal, the Turians would have a difficult time destroying them. And with stealth capabilities rivaling that of the Salarians, the Turian fleet would have trouble even finding them. Putting the fleet in a very dangerous position against an enemy who not only can't be seen, but is very hard to destroy!

So Quirinus was quite smart to not engage.

By letting the Humans handle it, he avoided the Batarian government targeting him for engaging their ships, He showed his ability to understand the situation, and came out on top with not only no damage to his fleet, but also valuable data on Human weapons.

Quite the clever Turian indeed!
8/7 c28 Hadrian.Caeser
8/7 c28 orionastro
very good new chapter , i think its time for mankind to develop some FLT like Hyperspace , or Warp , can hardly wait for the next chapters
8/7 c28 JonatanL123
"Good solders follow oreders", definitly not the way anyone from former ussr would say, due to sounding to close to "I was just following orders"
8/7 c28 IHateGenericCereal
Gets more interesting all the time. Keep up the good work.
8/7 c5 tom476ty18
I made the mistake of pressing the send button on the latest review

So I am continuing here.

As I stated before it would appear that the Batarians made a serious mistake.
And because of this aggression from the Batarians humanity might not stay isolated forever.

However, because of the lack of action by the Citadel Council. Against the Batarian apparent aggression. Humanity in this case might become independent power that is not affiliated with the Council.

After all, in the last few chapters, the council did nothing as Humanity had to deal with the collector attack incident and the reapers.

So far I like how things in the story are progressing. I am looking forward to more action soon. The Batarian at this point is just asking for trouble. Which would bite them back in the ass someday down the line.

Great Chapter and I look forward to reading the next chapter.
8/7 c28 tom476ty18
I guess with how things are changing.

Humans cannot sit idly as the Batarians continue their aggression.

I would suspect the Geth would take offense to their actions.

Hopefully, this would bring a new age of cooperation between organics and synthetics considering how the Humans are very friendly to the Geth. It may change the Quarians or the galaxy's view on AI.

The Batarians really screwed up in this case. They could have just gone with subtle waiting for the Humans to isolate themselves.

However, instead, they attacked the Geth. Argubbly humanity's most trusted ally at this point.
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