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for Transformers: Rise of Prime

9/30/2021 c21 FartNinja
Love how you added elements from other transformers series into animated
From Agent Fowler and MECH from Prime, the complete set of Dinobots from g1, ironhide from the movies, and Doctor Morocco from rescue bots
I wonder if you plan on including the rescue bots themselves or any of the transformers from cybertron
8/11/2021 c19 zack24
MECH reminds me of Cerberus from mass Effect
7/5/2021 c21 11OMAC001
Love this reboot of the Animated version so far. Although, I preferred the original version with Blackarachnia as Elita-One to this new full evil version to be honest.
6/29/2021 c21 26TFAN Override-Dragon Light
Oh dear! Poor Wreck Gar! And at least Ratchet knocked some sense into the Mayor and Powell
6/26/2021 c21 TopGun1986
Hope he comes back soon maybe they could fix him up a bit.
6/26/2021 c21 7Althea Sirius
Wreck-Gar. I never knew he was voiced but Weird Al until recently. And you nailed his character.
6/26/2021 c21 jurassicdinodrew
Looks like Ratchet has gotten a reason to be more grumpy than normal in this unlike cannon, nice work, and I have a feeling that the couple that Ratchet helped will be seen again, and let's hope Wreck-Gar will be back soon, looking forward to read more of this, good luck.
6/26/2021 c21 1pokemonking0924
Another great chapter can’t wait to see what happens next
But I can’t help but wonder if you plan on including all the Constructicons and not just the two from animated, similarly to what you’ve done with the Dino bots
Hope you include at least one construction vehicle autobot to join the team like LandMine from transformers Cybertron

Keep up the good work
6/25/2021 c18 pokemonking0924
I like that you’ve included Agent Fowler from Transformers Prime
Can’t wait to see who else joins this story from throughout the transformers franchise

I’m hoping that the allspark fragments will at least create a few autobots
6/3/2021 c20 7Althea Sirius
When you thought Sentinel couldn't get worse.
6/3/2021 c20 56Generalhyna
Super chapter and it looks like Sentenel is heading to his "Dark side of the moon" incarnation path, or will he get a personality over hall.

Still awsome and cant wait for more and I am wondering on a few things like, when Wreck-gar comes to life how about a few junkions also get revived and along with Normal speak you can mix in a bit of TV speak, and the full constructicons also get made and also some of the all spark shards bring to life a bunch of race cards and a semi truck and bam come the stunticons, unless they exist in this continuity.

Possiblities are endless!

further idea, maybe bring more of the Maximals and predicons later like blackaracnia doing experiments to make predicons or beast formers and may had gotten some 'volenteers' to become techo-organic maximals and predicons
6/3/2021 c20 jurassicdinodrew
looks like Optimus Prime is staying on earth while Ultra Magnus is in charge of Cybertron, makes sense... and it seems that Sentinal is like an Autobot version of Starscream it seems if you know what I mean, plus I hope the Witwicky family will get a much bigger role in this than they did in the Animated cannon too, looking forward to read more of this story, good luck.
6/2/2021 c20 TopGun1986
Sentinel you son of BITCH! I hope Optimus head shots you/blows your head off with a Fusion Cannon Shotgun! Also hint hint to Shockwave.
5/30/2021 c1 Hakeem
Great chapter i can,t wit for more
6/1/2021 c17 TopGun1986
I swear I can literally hear Stan Bush singing The Touch in the background, when Orion gets the Matrix and during the battle on Dinobot island. Also when he got the Matrix and became Prime did his voice change from David Kaye to good old Peter Cullen?
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