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for A father's acceptance

8/7 c7 Guest
When would you continue? You were meant to continue mongths ago.
8/3 c7 KathyMesser
This is a great story. Please update soon.
7/25 c7 Guest
When would you continue? Please.
7/6 c7 Guest
When would you continue?
7/2 c7 Guest
Please continue.
6/29 c7 4ScarClawdeenNightWitch
I really like this story I can’t wait to see what happens next.
6/17 c7 Guest
Please continue
5/24 c7 Guest
Please continue.
5/19 c7 Guest
Please continue.
4/26 c7 Guest
Please continue
4/24 c7 Guest
pLEASE Ccontintue
4/23 c7 Guest
Please continue.
I look forward to Kerhcak's reaciton to the Porters.
4/21 c7 Guest
Please continue
4/2 c7 MonstarzGirl
I couldn't believe that Sabor came back again to attack!
But I was relieved that Kerchak managed to save the family and protect Tarzan. Wonder how years later go by with having to deal with an arch-nemesis like Tublat and when Tarzan meets the Porters.

Keep up the good work!
3/31 c7 Guest
Please go on,.
I look forward to how he reacts to Jane. Seeign how he accepts Tarzan,. I wonder how he'd react to her. If he does accept her, I see him seeign as as right for Tarzna coz of her noble soul and humour... seeign an ape in her.
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