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for Goblin Slayer: Self Insert

10/12 c1 Guest
Fun story. Thanks.
10/12 c5 Guest
Great story.
9/28 c1 1EpicQuest
"I somehow got reincarnated in Goblin Slayer world." - Well... at least it's not Berserk!
6/10 c5 samuelcaldeira76gmail.com
Thanks for the chapter hope you update this and yur highschool of the dead story
4/19 c5 pol
Fix your fucking punctuation you dumb shit
4/8 c1 Guest
I started reading and I don't like it because the protagonist nicknamed SASUKE is already a magician, Warrior, Archer, Scout, Hunter, and Healer. He's like a God basically.
4/7 c1 Guest
Just for that I already know that the character is God and everything works out for him.
4/7 c1 Guest
First chapter and I do not like it, the character is called sasuke (false) and is Warrior, Archer, Scout, Hunter, and Healer
4/4 c5 tgfofp
Your story is good so far.

About the harem thing, I personally don't like them. They often ruin a story to the point that most writers keep describing their MC having sex every other chapter with a different curt-board figurine. I prefer if the FL has more personality and bigger role than a simple harem lead. But in the end, it's your story.

Another thing is the way you first said your MC did 30 missions after getting the horse, and you switched perspective to an earlier time before he got it. It is a bit confusing to follow.

The way he talks about his dad, the King, every other sentence is also a bit strange. I might be wrong about this, but are you trying to imply that the King banished him because he was too competent and all around too smart? And since he was only the second prince this might cause a rebellion and unrest if he chose his first born for the next King, instead of the more talented second son. Not only that but my guess is his father, as well as the other nobles, would prefer someone easily manipulated and controlled. Not someone with eccentric behavior and ideas who is not subservient to his King and high ranking nobles.

Anyway, if I'm right about this I hope your MC would realize it as well later in your story. If not, oh well.

Thanks for the chapter, and I'm waiting for the next one!
2/28 c5 looongzhu1
2/24 c1 Guest
This is a shit story. All in all, it is only a big pile of shit.
2/18 c3 charly22salazar
SO much innecesary info man...
2/18 c5 Elquenodebesernombrado
to earn money you can produce some new product for the area in your civil identity as an investment
2/15 c5 Honai
I thought he already killed and wants to get used of blood
2/14 c5 Guest
love it
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