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6/13 c10 Keenan Grauberger
Are you going to continue this story? I really enjoy it and reread it from time to time.
5/25 c10 Xealchim
5/19 c10 cybergreenwolf
Is this in hiatus? And on such a cliffhanger too... I think there going to be a fight between the freelancer and general ironwood robot army... That is so epic when i think about it... Hope the author continue and update this fic soon
3/21 c9 Cubia
Please update this. Im loving the story man
3/4 c1 shyguy0x0
please continue this fic.
2/12 c10 Guest
God I hate cliffhangers.
1/26 c10 3brandonleewolfe1
hope you can continue the story. I can't wait till the next chapter
1/23 c10 lou2003us
I really want to see what happens next. Looking forward to the next chapter. Keep up the great work! Stay safe and healthy.
1/7 c1 Guest
You got one day
1/1 c10 Guest
Is this abandoned? Hope it isn't, it's a great story
9/12/2020 c1 0804wolf
please update, this is too good
9/7/2020 c10 Lunas Banana
I need to stop reading stories that haven't been updated in months.
I do hope that you come back to this at some point.
8/26/2020 c10 Xealchim
7/17/2020 c10 Guest
This is really good keep it going
7/1/2020 c10 Grannster10
awsome story cant wait for next update
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