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6/21 c32 26Vallygirl
Okay Dean and Michael are actually bonding in their own ways. Interesting that Dean ‘spoke’ to Michael with his minds so the others couldn’t hear him. Hmmm not sure how this is going to work out doings the spell. Awesome job!
6/18 c32 29Secretwrittenword
Ironic that it was Michael who convinced Dean to change his mind about Jack. It was a good thing but I still have suspicions about his intentions.
6/18 c31 Secretwrittenword
Well Jo’s got Michael all figured out. That former archangel is one lonely little sod!
I really, really hope they don’t go charging after Jack with all guns blazing. And if he gets hurt I really really, really hope Dummah pays for it!
6/18 c32 139ncsupnatfan
Chapter wasn't bad. We're seeing a change in Michael and finally Dean is accepting he can't kill Jack, but will the box hold him? Is he right about Lucifer? Hope you get some relief from the heat. Rain is supposed to get to us Saturday night, Sunday for a few days. NC
6/18 c30 29Secretwrittenword
I’m a little worried about what Jo’s up to. She always seemed to have her own agenda, ost.t just looking out for herself.
6/18 c28 Secretwrittenword
Team Free Will is growing by the moment!
6/17 c32 38vrskaandrea
Michael talking Dean into saving instead of killing someone? Yeah, not suspicious at all. But we all know he changed, Dean just has to figure it too. I can't wait to see what happens next, though I am not to thrilled that Dean decided to bring out "the box".
6/10 c26 29Secretwrittenword
Maddox deserved that.
6/10 c25 Secretwrittenword
Well, it’s all happening now. That poor bastard in the elevator either didn’t get lucifers order or doesn’t follow him, either way he’s in for it now.
6/10 c24 Secretwrittenword
There seems to be an underlying ‘thing’ between Dumah and Jake, unless I’m reading it wrong. I wouldn’t put it last the angel to led him on to get what she wants.
What’s the use oh having an archangel inhabiting your body if they are completely useless when it comes to saving their vessel? Damn demons!
6/10 c22 Secretwrittenword
Well, that just had to be the meanest thing Dumah has ever done!
6/10 c21 Secretwrittenword
Well, well, the devil does come in handy ocassionally.
6/9 c31 26Vallygirl
Another amazing chapter and poor Michael. He really just needs a hug! He’s been used and abused from day one. No wonder Gabriel hide like he did all that time. I’d hide too if my father pitted my brothers against each other like that. Well I’m finally caught up! Amazing as always!
6/9 c30 Vallygirl
I wouldn’t want Anael or Michael in my head…poor Dean. Okay interesting to see what she has to say to Michael. Glad he doesn’t trust her. Okay onto the next part!

I’m probably late but I hope you didn’t have any problems with your COVID shot!
6/9 c29 Vallygirl
Okay honestly you know I couldn’t stand Anael in the show but she’s interesting in this story. Still wouldn’t trust her but interesting. Hmmm why is Michael so quiet? I always like Lucifer but I adore Mark P. Great updates and I still have a few to go
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