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8/9 c46 31Secretwrittenword
Bela made the rod for her own back when she made the deal, even if it was to get rid of an abuser. She had better have a better reason than spite to send Dean back to Hell!
8/9 c46 32Vallygirl
Ohhhhh was Bela one of the souls Dean tortured?!

I’m trying to remember…didn’t her father abuse Bela and her mother didn’t do anything to help her? It’s been too long…I just remembered thinking at the time who could really blame her since her parents were a$$holes but now I’m not sure.

Yeah Dean and Sam can claim what they want but ultimately(and yes Chuck stacked the deck against them) they each put the other first in front of everything and everyone else. Both brothers can be extremely selfish and Bela’s right they who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Seriously amazing chapter! Thank you!
8/9 c46 160ncsupnatfan
Good to see you back and can't wait to see where you take this. What is Dean going to remember? What did he do in Hell? Was it more than torture? How is he going to be afterwards? What guilt is he going to carry around? Will he be able to live with it when he remembers? NC
7/20 c45 32Vallygirl
Hmmm very interesting and have Bela back is an awesome idea. Makes more sense than Ruby but yeah her becoming a demon is a great plot twist. Love it!
7/12 c45 31Secretwrittenword
Bela does make more sense here. I’m glad you brought her back.
7/12 c45 160ncsupnatfan
Good chapter and coming up with Bela. Didn't like her, but curious to see if she tries to trick the Winchesters and not give it to them. I'm sure she's got an ace up her sleeve. Hope the guys do too. Kind of hoping Jack will want to see Lucifer and talk to him. Good Michael is helping Heaven. NC
6/19 c44 32Vallygirl
Man Michael’s grace is really doing a number n Jack’s personality. Holy crap on a cracker Batman that is quite the cliffhanger my friend. Please say this is the second to last chapter or that an epilogue is on our way. Pretty please with a cherry pie on top ! You can’t leave us dangling there!

Absolutely love this story and thank goodness for Lucifer’s plan B so that Rowena could do the spell! Bravo my friend!
6/18 c44 3SeeleyDeanDinozzo
great chapter i hope we find out if dean jack are alright i don't care for lucifer (haha) just hope the others are ok hope there is another chapter.
6/17 c44 160ncsupnatfan
Good chapter and did it work? Is Jack back? What will Michael and Lucifer do now? NC
4/10 c43 32Vallygirl
Yup Rowena was right to worry. Of course things were going to smoothly. Heh ‘Edward’…yup Twilight ruined that name as a good vamp name !

Hmmm Jack really is more like Dean than Sam or Cas. Saying he didn’t want to hurt him but he would so he couldn’t stop him. Much like Dean with the equalizer gun.

Love Michael trying to reason with Jack. Explain what his grace is doing to him and how he doesn’t want to end up like him. This is a great redemption story for Michael!

Loved this part! Can’t wait for more!
4/10 c43 160ncsupnatfan
Change of events here of course it wouldn't go as planned. That was too easy. Good confrontation. Will be waiting for next chapter to see what happens. Will Jack expel Michael from Dean? Will he hurt Dean? Is he going to kill Lucifer? Can Jo and Castiel stop him? NC
4/10 c43 31Secretwrittenword
Holy heck! I can’t keep up with who’s betraying whom! All I know is they all think they’re doing the right thing. I hope it all works out in the end.
4/10 c43 38vrskaandrea
Amazing chapter. I am worried, the situation got turned around very fast. can't wait to see how you resolve this.
2/26 c42 31Secretwrittenword
Sometimes it worries me that what Michael says isn’t just him saying what needs to be said to convince the monsters, but that he actually will kill Jack and Lucifer then try to take over the world again.
2/24 c42 38vrskaandrea
those poor monsters, they are the rope in this tug of war. lol.
Dean, that was a lame joke. It was awesome lol
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