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7/26/2020 c3 32Vallygirl
Oh boy...Lucifer and Michael...good luck Mary! See the boys should have listened to Rowena. Funny how the ‘witch’ is the voice of reason.
7/26/2020 c2 Vallygirl
Oh I love Donatello... Keith Szarabajka has been a favorite of mine since back in the day when he was on The Equalizer...the original with Edward Woodward. We need heir back again...him and Dean are good together. Okay so Mary’s in the empty with Lucifer...hmmm maybe she will meet up with Meg.
7/26/2020 c1 Vallygirl
Wow great start. Honestly I think this was my last straw with Mary with the show and I was so happy she was gone. Seriously she watched what Jack did to Nick and didn’t have enough common sense to give him a little space...ughh you know I’m not a Mary fan but this is interesting. I have a way to catch up ;).
7/26/2020 c19 38vrskaandrea
God, this Mary and Luci remind .much of 'better the devil's you know and I so love this. Mary is too smart for him. And they are adorable together.
I was surprised to see this up and had to go back to remind myself what was happening in the latest chapter. I hope you write another chapter soon, this has been great.
2/10/2020 c18 vrskaandrea
Oh, wow! This was awesome!
First Dummah's ideas were pretty good, as dangerous as they all were. Figured some angels might go to reprogramming. But then Castiel came and told her all of that, and I bet it all helps her plan in some way, excited to see what will happen there. I couldn't help but feel she was honest with Cas when she told him not to give into the Empty, not to make that deal, like she truly cared. Guess we will see.
And whoa, wow! Dean really looks like he has a split personality disorder, and it is soooo exciting to see how will that play out. So glad you decided to use Mine and, she is just awesome. Thanks a lot for the reference. *Heart eyes*
2/9/2020 c18 10SilverDragonflymoon

I got vibes of Thor when he tries to get away from the doctors when Michael is escaping.

2/7/2020 c17 38vrskaandrea
Then everything went black. I LOVED THAT LINE!
Damn, port Dean. But it does seem like he can take control a bit easier this time, probably cuz of the grace, and I LOVE that TOO! When Anael bolted, and then what Rowena said about Michael hurting her, I thought she was gonna leave too. Who would blame her... Cas went to Heaven. Why? Why does he always do that, why does he always go back there when he knows deep down there is nothing for him there. I know he still cares about his home, but his constant need to go back there is just... Painful. Don't get me wrong, it isn't a criticism of your writing, it is a criticism of Castiel's behavior.
And OMG you did not just crash Baby! You did not!
Great chapter. No one can't tell you don't know what you are doing here. Lol.
2/6/2020 c17 10SilverDragonflymoon
Another cliffy, great chapter, but poor Dean, evil Michael
12/29/2019 c16 38vrskaandrea
Wow! Whoa! Whoa! Where is Michael?! I am super intrigued! Gor a sec there I thought he was in Mary (ewwwwe), but now I am not so sure
And that whole 'wife' deal? I freaking loved that. Reminded me of 'Better the Devil you know.' Gish, I will always ship these two.
aWesome chapter. Great seeing Nick get thrown in a corner of his mind. But Jack? Jack scares me...
I am extremely excited to see what happens!
12/28/2019 c16 10SilverDragonflymoon
Great chapter, I am sensing Chuck may be making an appearance due to Jack, looking forward to seeing more
11/20/2019 c15 J
11/20/2019 c15 38vrskaandrea
Aaaa. Thta was perfect! Michael still obeying just looking at his father's face, that is an awesome idea. I love Lucifer calling Mary blondie, I am still hung up on their ship, a bit. Can't wait to see what happens I love that the Shadow is working in his own best interest. Soooooo excited to see where this goes.
11/19/2019 c15 10SilverDragonflymoon
Fantastic chapter, cheeky entity
10/31/2019 c1 J
Just started reading this and I LOVE IT ...
10/30/2019 c14 SilverDragonflymoon
Very interesting, looking forward to seeing more
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