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7/2/2021 c34 30Secretwrittenword
Ugh! I really detest Dummah! I get she’s trying to save heaven but she’s just an awful bitch!
7/2/2021 c34 38vrskaandrea
Dummah went nuts, lol.
I liked it, great job with depicting her like a wacko.
7/2/2021 c34 156ncsupnatfan
Good chapter and you are right she is turning into an obsessive angel with only one goal ant to get it anyway she can. She doesn't care who is hurt or what she had to do. I'm thinking she will be stopped soon? NC
6/27/2021 c33 30Secretwrittenword
I have a feeling something is going to go wrong with the ritual. Either it won’t quite work and they’ll have an angry Jack exploding from the box, or it will work but one of the players will go rogue.
6/26/2021 c33 156ncsupnatfan
Nice chapter and wondering if they thought this through, will the box hold Jack. I'm wondering if everyone will hold up their part of the plan if they do get everyone switched back the way they should be. Is someone going to get killed for real if the plan backfires? Favorite character, hard one love the guys of course. Have a soft spot for Jack too. Thinking things won't go smoothly with the ritual but what will be the outcome?
I think it will be interesting to see the prequel about John and Mary and their lives. Glad Jenson is doing it and should be interesting him narrating it too. Not sure what is going on between Jenson and Jared and why he didn't tell him about it. Kind of strange. Hope it can be talked out and no hard feelings.
6/26/2021 c33 38vrskaandrea
I just knew Lucifer was gonna do that, startle Rowena like that. Liked the chapter, Dean is being a douche like in the show, Cas is sad, Sam is trying to play bridge. Lol.
6/21/2021 c32 32Vallygirl
Okay Dean and Michael are actually bonding in their own ways. Interesting that Dean ‘spoke’ to Michael with his minds so the others couldn’t hear him. Hmmm not sure how this is going to work out doings the spell. Awesome job!
6/18/2021 c32 30Secretwrittenword
Ironic that it was Michael who convinced Dean to change his mind about Jack. It was a good thing but I still have suspicions about his intentions.
6/18/2021 c31 Secretwrittenword
Well Jo’s got Michael all figured out. That former archangel is one lonely little sod!
I really, really hope they don’t go charging after Jack with all guns blazing. And if he gets hurt I really really, really hope Dummah pays for it!
6/18/2021 c32 156ncsupnatfan
Chapter wasn't bad. We're seeing a change in Michael and finally Dean is accepting he can't kill Jack, but will the box hold him? Is he right about Lucifer? Hope you get some relief from the heat. Rain is supposed to get to us Saturday night, Sunday for a few days. NC
6/18/2021 c30 30Secretwrittenword
I’m a little worried about what Jo’s up to. She always seemed to have her own agenda, ost.t just looking out for herself.
6/18/2021 c28 Secretwrittenword
Team Free Will is growing by the moment!
6/17/2021 c32 38vrskaandrea
Michael talking Dean into saving instead of killing someone? Yeah, not suspicious at all. But we all know he changed, Dean just has to figure it too. I can't wait to see what happens next, though I am not to thrilled that Dean decided to bring out "the box".
6/10/2021 c26 30Secretwrittenword
Maddox deserved that.
6/10/2021 c25 Secretwrittenword
Well, it’s all happening now. That poor bastard in the elevator either didn’t get lucifers order or doesn’t follow him, either way he’s in for it now.
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