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6/6/2021 c2 2Princess of the Fae
She won't get far in there sadly.
6/6/2021 c29 160ncsupnatfan
So this will be interesting and finding out what happened to Michael. NC
6/6/2021 c28 ncsupnatfan
Nice touch with angel sibling fight. And the little humor in there. Kind of feel sorry for Lucifer. Is he going to turn out being a good guy? NC
6/6/2021 c27 ncsupnatfan
Jo is heading back to the Winchesters I hope. Will the be finding out the plans in play. NC
6/6/2021 c26 ncsupnatfan
Liked Castiel doing the deed. NC
6/6/2021 c25 ncsupnatfan
Nice chapter and they are so close. What is Lucifer going to do to Maddox NC
6/6/2021 c24 ncsupnatfan
Will Lucifer and Mary get there to stop this demon from killing D/M NC
6/6/2021 c23 ncsupnatfan
Playing both sides is never good. NC
6/6/2021 c22 ncsupnatfan
Going down another path here wonder where you're going. NC
6/6/2021 c21 ncsupnatfan
So everyone knows where Dean/Michael are. Looks like Mary and Lucifer might get there first. Will they be able to get D/M out without fuss? Curious for Lucifer to meet Dr Charles. That should be interesting. Wondering what Jack is doing now. Will he be in the next chapter? NC
6/5/2021 c30 38vrskaandrea
Oh, I loved that banter, they were funny. Michael seems tired, like he had given up, what it that about? I loved this chapter, can't wait for the next one.
6/5/2021 c19 160ncsupnatfan
Mary was smart tricking Lucifer into telling her what she wanted. Dumah working with a demon. That's not going to turn out well. NC
6/5/2021 c18 ncsupnatfan
Oh no, Dean is in trouble now and being put in psych ward is going to be even harder to get out of. Who will get to him first? A lot going on. NC
6/5/2021 c17 ncsupnatfan
What an ending Michael is human and they both can get hurt. At least Dean is fighting him. NC
6/5/2021 c16 ncsupnatfan
So, it's off to find Michael who is in Dean. Everyone is going to be confused if they all get together. NC
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