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6/24 c10 9Dragon Man 180
Interesting fic, I can’t wait to see how Naruto and Hinata’s eventual meeting with Gaara goes!
2/27 c10 94Miqila
Okay so where do I start...? I feel like I haven't gotten a hang of the plot enough/it's not even there yet, so I'm just gonna comment on some details.

First, I like that flesh clone technique Kurama taught Naruto. I mean, it sounds useless at first, but it actually seems like a really good way to fake one's own death, like Naruto did, unless you're in a hurry. I mean yeah, Sasuke saw through it, but it's because he KNEW Naruto and noticed that some things didn't add up. But if you had to fool an enemy with that and had the time to prepare? That should go really well, unless the enemy has a good medical nin on their side who decides to do an autopsy.
I really pity the few people that ended up mourning after Naruto, especially poor Iruka.

Love your take on Parent!Kurama and how he and Naruto basically flip Minato off.

Also, bonus points for sparing Haku and Zabuza.

Now, I wonder what next? Are they gonna round up the other jinchuuriki and start up a demon army? How will Naruto deal with Gaara and Shukaku's blood lust? Can't wait!

P.S: It's "Kurama", like the mountain, not "Kuruma", as in a car.
2/10 c10 TigrezzTail
This has been really cool. A unique take on Naruto wanting to save the world and his loved ones.
1/17 c8 1MrNeedsToRemoveAllFavs
This Naruto feels less like a Pacifist or Peace Seeker and more like a coward unwilling to even work toward bringing peace to anything if it means he has to hurt anyone permanently. Feels more like a hypocrite than a savior of anything. IDK, something about this chapter just makes me dislike him. Probably the "I don't want to kill even the people doing things like rape and slavery that induce just as much misery as torture, if not more" thing. I can't imagine empathy allowing one to ignore or pass over the emotions caused by such things.
12/29/2020 c10 Luke1t0
oh I made it to latest chapter. I enjoyed the story and I'm looking forward to where you take this
12/27/2020 c10 conjac
I get the feeling that "he gladly taught them what he knew" it's going to be a big deal later if it happens often.
12/26/2020 c1 2iacopo.passerini
12/26/2020 c2 iacopo.passerini
Ah molto bene! Qui Kurama sa essere gentile ma anche severa! Ora che aiuta Naruto nessuno potrà fermarlo e ucciderà Sasuke!
12/22/2020 c8 Guest
I'm sort of iffy about this story. It feels more than a bit contrived. It feels like you want your characters to be self-discovering Buddhism, which is fine, but ultimately impractical.

Buddhism is ultimately either selfish or hypocritical.

Theoretically, if you have enough power, or don't care what happens to you personally, you can stay true to refusing to do harm. However, if you want to protect someone from their karma, or destiny (and hinata did describe destiny very well) you WILL do harm unless they are as powerful as you and you can ignore all attacks. Then there's the issue of casual friends. Or friendship at all. This philosophy demands you treat the harm done to others as water under the bridge. Already happened, and you might do it again, but I don't care.

This is reprehensible. This is selfish.
12/24/2020 c10 16starfiction123
Merry Christmas indeed! I've been waiting so long for an update to this amazing story! I see an amazing plot unfolding with the events of possibly freeing kuramas siblings
12/22/2020 c10 Darth Kyuubi kurama
Will naruto and hinata ever become true fox demons
12/22/2020 c10 violetamc
good chapter! i like this idea of Naruto just doing what he feel good and learnig “common” stuff :)
12/22/2020 c10 17Nimloth of Thay
I'm glad to see a new chapter!
Poor Hinata, but at least she managed to get better. It's good that the Nine Tails warned Naruto of how dangerous it would have been if he tried to give her his chakra, considering what happens to the eggs...
Earl's story is heartbreaking, but it's just another evidence that being a ninja and being a good person are not always the same thing. I hope those Sand scumbags will get their just dessert for taking his daughter away from him!
So nice to see some people treating Naruto with kindness even after he told them he's a demon, I like very much how open-minded and hospitable they are :-)
I'm looking forward to seeing which of the Nine-Tails' sibling will be freed: is it the Eight Tails of Killer-B, or the One-Tail in Gaara?
12/22/2020 c10 darth56
it was very nice to read a new chapter to this story it has been a great story very ori and i do like it very much hope you write more soon thanks
12/22/2020 c10 8Emrys Akayuki
I mean, you can't just... 'use' chakra, you have to unlock and train it as a kid, about 5, it's brought up in canon, everyone has chakra and can train it, but unless you start at about five, you're never gonna get past the reeeeeeaaaaal basics, and that's if you have a proper teacher. That's why they start as children. Might just be totally impossible past a certain age, idk.

It's probably on the wiki somewhere, can't remember where I heard it originally.
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