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1/16/2020 c13 10Rydia Pryde
I find myself laughing out loud constantly at this fic. I think you captured Selphie perfectly and I really enjoy reading her. Rinoa as well.
I have never thought of a Seifer/Selphie matchup but it seriously works! I love it. I'm a Seifer apologist, so I like seeing a fic that focuses on him post-game... especially in this really different take.

Look forward to seeing what happens!
1/15/2020 c13 16Myshu
Fluffy McButt the Ferocious is a glorious steed that will carry Selphie to many Viking-worthy victories.

Ahaha, I don't know why Selphie's drunken assumption that miners only think of rocks amuses me.

"He accepted the challenge with the same fierce intensity he committed to everything that spiked his interest" is SUCH a good line, such peak Seifer, and such a kick off to *I DON'T CARE HOW MANY TROPES INVOLVING COLD AND ALCOHOL IT TOOK TO GET HERE this is* a delicious scene. "like a lyric she'd forgotten" is another good'un.

IT'S REALLY GOOD and the timing is perfect, "a long time comin'" indeed. Gwaha, poor Soley. Damn kids, these days.

phhhht Seifer's right; newborns are dang hideous. Love your account of the hatchin', though, and Selphie's insane egg-smashing pep talk.
1/6/2020 c12 3thousand-leaf
I didn't realize how badly I need a Selphie fic in my life. I loved this and cannot wait for more.
1/4/2020 c12 16SilentStarlightSky
I could imagine Seifer improvising a weapon with an old mining tool he found or a big stick or pipe or something. He could definitely club some stuff. Selphie could throw things while Seifer ignites them. Teamwork, like in Crono Trigger. Although I could imagine Selphie swinging a cast iron pan, if she'd thought to bring one. Garden kids must know how to improvise.

I smiled when Selphie said that she was wearing a beer jacket.
1/4/2020 c11 SilentStarlightSky
How could Selphie possibly turn down ice cream with Laguna? So much fun! I liked the awkwardness with Edea. And the ideas about GFs and Selphie's limit breaks were interesting too.
1/4/2020 c10 SilentStarlightSky
Seifer's lack of conscience would've been an asset for SeeD? Yeah, probably. If only he would be willing to follow directions. Interesting thoughts on how messed up the SeeD/Garden system is.
12/27/2019 c12 2effect20
Am I the only one hearing Marvin Gaye "let's get it on" playing in the background
12/22/2019 c12 16Myshu
Rinoa's anger is like a thunderstorm in the air, gwaha!
Tired-drunk Selphie is a bit frisky, noted. Seifer's frustration at THAT situation couldn't help make me laugh.
lawl, "Like an adult." Gotta do the big-boy puzzles.
Irvine getting under Seifer's skin was just the icing on the cake, and the harsh words between 'em flowed all too naturally. They were both being *amazing* dickheads - poor Selphie, caught in the middle.
Ahahahaha "how did that loser manage to brainwash" gwahahahaha
Seifer's retort to "gentleman" made me laugh out loud, too.

Damn how cute these two are together, especially drunk. Their easy candidness is amazin' to read. Thanks for the chapter!
11/15/2019 c11 Myshu
I really adore your Rinoa. She's the kind of character you don't realize you need until she magically poofs into the scene. Half the fun is reading everyone's reactions to her (and the tabloids), and her lack of awareness of time zones is hilarious, to boot.

"I'm not a damn pregnant woman" ahahahahahahajajaja.

On the same side of that "I can't believe these people wield political power" coin is Laguna, yet it's refreshing to see a world leader that furnishes ice cream.

I got acquaintances who love Edea, say she's the best character. I agree that she's got a cool level of mystique and tragedy about her. Good job conveying how *super awkward* it is talking to her "kids." Interesting to learn her and Cid's feelings over Seifer, too, with that twisted sort of favoritism.

The way you play with lore and GF is delicious. I would have *never* imagined something that uniquely horrific for Selphie's backstory, props. And yay, another test subject? Oh lawdy.

Happy to see more! Good luck with the next one~
11/14/2019 c11 2effect20
Best limit break orgin story ever. And it made sense. Overall chapter was very funny and a good read
8/25/2019 c10 16Myshu
A "Leonhart state" is practically a verb when Seifer uses it and I love it.

This was a big Selphie chapter! It was really fun to see through the mask from Seifer's POV, watch him process her decision to leave Garden while trying to figure which side of the "give a damn" fence to sit on. Also, Seifer's knack for mentally re-framing a situation to suit his needs is impressive. If it's a FIGHT, now, he can handle it.

Oh crickey, a stupid adorable giant egg is exactly the maniac-project Selphie would cling to. This is going to be the cutest, feather-y-est disaster ever.
8/25/2019 c10 2effect20
The slow build is getting me excited. Keep it up!
8/24/2019 c10 Rasivel
Team chaos making moves!
8/2/2019 c9 16SilentStarlightSky
Haha, the delivery was naughty magazines. The miners up there are lonely. Funny/sad.

Poor Selphie had to farm for Squall's gunblade parts. How tedious. Maybe that's what they do when they aren't in the main party. They play cards and gather supplies while gossiping about what Squall and Rinoa are up to.

The T-Garden mission that was reserved for cadets without parents was a nice touch. The FF8 world is kinda horrible when you think about it.

I thought Seifer would figure out that Selphie had kissed him because her lips were burnt. I could imagine her trying to apply lip balm over the burnt blisters and pretending it was no big deal. It was from spicy food Seifer! Have you ever eaten spicy food with chapped lips? It just makes it worse buddy! Gotta remember to use more lip balm, that's all.

Love your story and your writing!
7/29/2019 c9 16Myshu
"Annoying Ultimecia to death" ahahaha, y'know? With THAT party it's almost feasible.

Ouch, even I miss Raijin and Fujin. It's great to have a crew at your back, but now poor Seifer has to settle for Selphie.

Remembering the absurd materials for weapons in that game made me laugh, and I love that you gave a nod to the "farming" while making a good dig at Squall. Com'on man, scrounge up your own damn gunblade parts, Seifer's right.

Holy smokes that second dragon caught me off-guard as much as it did Seifer. This battle got intense as heck. Blue dragons were never a joke in the game, so good job getting the danger across.

Explosions: always a Pro.

I like the extra little peek into the inhumanity of Garden and its training. It's no surprise the likes of Selphie made it out of that regimen, sanity dubiously intact.

Hollow!Seifer is terrifying, the jump-scare at the nest is real, and I love the brutality you injected into the fight, all crunching bones and biting.

Mog's. Fluffy. Ballbags. I can't even-

Oh my LAWD, now that kiss is what I call a desperation move. I'm delighted it worked, but I never laughed harder this chapter than when Seifer cut through the BS and guessed it. I feel so bad for Selphie, now, gotta deal with this awkwardness!

Another wonderful (and very perilous) chapter. Thanks again for sharing!
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