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for Meeting Eric

4/28/2019 c3 rEEKA
Love It: I hope you add more soon
4/30/2019 c3 Perfecta999
I like it.
4/29/2019 c3 5The Doctor Rose
looking good
4/29/2019 c3 8ciasteczko
Lovely chapter.
4/28/2019 c3 Nicolle1977
It's a good chapter although rather short. Eric's speech doesn't flow as easily as the girls speech did in previous chapters but I enjoy his point of view. Thanks for writing.
4/28/2019 c2 alj797
It’s your story; Pam can be bald if you want her to be. You’re doing great.
4/28/2019 c2 1bttrflybelle
Cant wait to see where you take this :)
4/8/2019 c2 Guest
1. Pam is Blonde not a red head,
2, if she checked their ids at the door she wouldnt have to ask who they were, she has the vault.
3. She would not give that much information about herself away to people she has just met and not in the middle of a crowded bar.
4. re-read entire paragraphs before moving on, you repeat unnecessary details and it throws off continuity - i.e. you stated she styled her hair then started her make up then had her brush the knots out of her hair.

just little things - but glaring. hope this helps.
4/7/2019 c1 Guest
Great start!
4/9/2019 c1 8ciasteczko
Love it!
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