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for Hardy Boys - 1 The Tower Treasure

2/17/2020 c20 16angelicalkiss
sorry it took me so long to get through this! great story. I'm really enjoying them. keep up the great work and I loo forward to reading more!
10/18/2019 c20 34Elizabeth Joan-hbndgirl
I actually read this chapter a few days ago. I just wanted to make sure I had the time to right a really detailed review of it (and the rest of the story) since most of my other reviews have only been a couple of sentences long. First off, congratulations on finishing the first installment of this huge endeavor that you've set yourself to! I hope you do finish both series, and I am certainly looking forward to The Secret of the Old Mill in a couple of months, as well as eagerly reading each chapter of the Nancy Drew story as it comes out.
So, on to this chapter. I love how the last chapter ended and this chapter began with a life-or-death cliffhanger. It felt very much like the climax of one of the original books. I'm glad the rescue party arrived in time! I also enjoyed the real climax at the old water tower. I was wondering if you were going to conclude the story there or not, since that is where the climax of the original book happened. Finally, it was great seeing the phone call to Nancy that begins the Nancy Drew story. However, is it weird that I'm also glad that the boys don't plan on meeting Nancy until the next summer? If you do decide to go for a Francy pairing, that can wait until they're a little older (considering I believe they are only about sixteen in these stories?). If you decide to go for the classic pairings, it makes things less awkward all around if Nancy and Frank have never actually been dating and delaying their meeting gives Nancy a chance to meet Ned in The Clue in the Diary and possibly Frank a chance to meet Callie, who I noticed was missing from this story. Of course, ultimately, it's up to you and I think that you're the sort of writer who could write a Francy story that I would like.
As for the story as a whole, it's one of the best Hardy Boys stories I've read on this site. I think I'm liking the Nancy Drew one a little more, but that is probably because I really am a little bit more of a Nancy fan at heart and because both stories are truly excellent. I really appreciate that you kept it clean (no language, no...other stuff). That is something that is, unfortunately, rare in fanfiction, so I'm always delighted when I find it.
Before I began reading this story, I have to admit I was a little skeptical of how you were going to tie The Tower Treasure and The House on the Cliff together. I'm impressed with how well you handled it, especially since you didn't remove any substantial parts of either case, and it certainly made plenty of opportunities for action and excitement! The invention of the Mason brothers as rivals for Frank and Joe is intriguing. I'll be interested to see if they make further appearances and in what capacity. (I'm assuming they're OCs since I don't remember them from anywhere else. If not, I'd be interested to know where they came from.) I also enjoyed the inclusion of all the boys' friends, including ones who made only one appearance in the original books. I've always thought it would make more sense for continuity if Slim or Jack or any of the others who are mentioned one time as friends of the Hardys showed up on occasion, even if just for a brief appearance. I also thought that it was an interesting choice to have Laura as a detective. It makes sense and adds more dimension to her character than she usually gets, but at the same time, I'm not one hundred percent sold on the idea. I think it's mostly because I felt that it was one of the major factors toward Frank and Joe not having much autonomy as detectives in this story at all. Of course, this is supposed to be their first big mystery, and so they might get more chances to be the independent and self-sufficient (even as teenagers) detectives that we all know and love. That's a minor critique, though, and you know what you're trying to do here, so you do what you think is best for the story you're writing.
Once again, excellent job overall. Good luck in your future writing endeavors (including your original novella, which I still definitely plan on ordering when it is released)! I look forward to reading more from you!
10/15/2019 c19 Elizabeth Joan-hbndgirl
What a twist! I wasn't expecting them to meet anyone here. This was a great chapter that really felt like the Tower Treasure. Honestly, the focus has been on The House on the Cliff part of the mystery long enough that I was kind of overlooking The Tower Treasure. Now, to see how this turns out!
10/15/2019 c18 Elizabeth Joan-hbndgirl
I guess I was wrong about Snattman and Jackley. The important thing, though, is that almost all the villains have been captured and I think Klein will probably join them soon. I'm glad they've already made sense of "the old tower". Maybe Klein will replace Hobo Johnny in the next chapter? I'm moving on to see.
10/15/2019 c17 Elizabeth Joan-hbndgirl
What an exciting chapter! There's even a cliffhanger. I've still got that feeling that Jackley is going to be harder to catch than Snattman. I guess I'd better go on and see!
10/15/2019 c16 Elizabeth Joan-hbndgirl
Great! They found him! They had a good plan, but even the best plans can hit snags (and they usually do in the best stories!). Now, how are they going to get out of thos?
10/15/2019 c15 Elizabeth Joan-hbndgirl
Bold move for the villains to ask about Frank and Joe right at their own school. I'm thinking Red Jackley is going to turn out to be the most dangerous of the bunch. They found the cave, which is good, but it doesn't sound like getting into is going to be too easy.
10/14/2019 c14 Elizabeth Joan-hbndgirl
All right. They should have plenty of evidence on Snattman now. The main thing left to do is rescue Fenton!
10/14/2019 c13 Elizabeth Joan-hbndgirl
That was certainly a productive trip to the Pollitt place! Now they know for absolutely certain that Red is part of the gang, that he did steal the Queen and the Applegate treasure, and that the gang is holding Fenton at that house. They also have a way of getting back into the house to investigate further, and probably bring the police with them while they're waiting. Now, the question is, will the real Adam and Greg pose as Frank and Joe for this undercover mission or will two of the boys' friends do it?
10/12/2019 c12 Elizabeth Joan-hbndgirl
Laura as a detective is an interesting idea. It sounds like Collig has a lot of confidence in her abilities. This new development with the Pollitt place is interesting, too. Frank and Joe are certainly good at guessing what Snattman and his crew are up to!
10/10/2019 c11 Elizabeth Joan-hbndgirl
Lots of great stuff in this chapter- discovering the wrecked car, the map, the boys' theory about Jackley, and the confirmation that he's working with Snattman. It sounds like the smugglers might be watching the Hardys' house. Uh oh. And now Fenton is missing, too! Yikes.
10/10/2019 c10 Elizabeth Joan-hbndgirl
So Pretzel Pete is just an alias, he? Nice twist. Peteer- Jack certainly uncovered a lot. Names of suspects are coming in fast and furious now, but there must still be a lot to uncover since I'm only halfway through. Looking forward to whatever other twists like ahead!
10/10/2019 c9 Elizabeth Joan-hbndgirl
Great! Now they've got a name for their suspect. With Snattman having a record in New York and the wigs being from New York, it's looking like the boys are probably right that the cases are all connected. I wonder if Frank's suspicions about Pretzel Pete are just as well founded. I enjoyed the references to Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Irregulars. Great touch!
10/10/2019 c8 Elizabeth Joan-hbndgirl
The boys made some great progress in this chapter! I have a feeling that they might be going to NYC anyway, though. Here's hoping they see something interesting with the telescope!
10/8/2019 c7 Elizabeth Joan-hbndgirl
Fenton and Carson have similar ideas of parenting with the "three strikes" policy. That's definitely not something we see in the original Hardy Boys books, but it's a good touch of realism. It also helps to show that Frank and Joe weren't just born great detectives and they have to work to become great detectives.
Even with their slip-up there, they've made some great progress on the case. They've cleared Mr. Robinson completely, even convincing Applegate of that. I've been thinking that find the wigs was a little too easy, too. I wonder if the boys' suspicions on that front are going to prove founded or not. I also somehow have a feeling that them not telling their dad about the secret passage is going to be another mistake. I guess I'll have to keep reading and see!
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