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for He Was In Trouble

2/18 c1 54his-red-head
Almost 5 years later and I still want to Gibbs smack the reporter so hard he face plants on the sidewalk. I love rereading your stories!
4/11/2022 c1 valerienav7
4/8/2019 c1 17DS2010
Well one is who is the reporter to Director Shepard, an jealous ex-boyfriend? A guy looking to cause the director trouble just to dig up dirt?
Is Gibbs really in trouble? The reporter did blind side him.
4/8/2019 c1 3Troubled-Angel-26
Oh no poor Gibbs and I'm sure they doctored it
4/8/2019 c1 Bohogal1998
So why is the reporter harrasing Gibbs? What's he got on him? Why does he thing Jenny and the girls don't deserve him?
4/8/2019 c1 54his-red-head
I have a feeling that karma is going to bite the reporter in the rear. If y'all need help, just pm me. This was a great job Isla!

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