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6/21 c8 5TheHuntresss
Hermione needs to learn boundaries you don't read other peoples mail not over their shoulder or even if they lay it down on the table. She doesn't need to be in everyones business and what she did was an invasion of privacy.
5/24 c15 Greg
Can't keep track of your own story? In the last chapter Harry wrote a letter to Sirius telling him he'd heard stories about the Marauders. Now in this chapter he's never heard of the Marauders? Either he's been obliviated or you forgot what you just wrote a chapter ago.
3/29 c2 Greg
They took the Underground from where to Charing Cross? Because the Underground doesn't go all the way to Surrey. They'd have to take a train into London first.
3/21 c16 Guest
Well as predicted, trash bin story. Snape my pal too. Bad story, bad recomendation
3/20 c3 Guest
Hmm, same stupidity of malforme almost my beat Pal. And MoRon been MoRon. Oh and not be left out dumbass stilling from him with no consequence not good start. Almost trash bin warranty
3/11 c16 2adafrog
Loved it. Thanks.
3/10 c13 adafrog
3/4 c16 3RandomGerman
Thanks for sharing this unique story, I love it
3/3 c12 Veronica McClure
I am with Emma Granger; I loved every bit of this chapter! Makes one wonder why we all tend to focus on what can't be done,by whom rather than letting it happen.
2/18 c16 PrinceWeirdo
I had finish this fanfic and I have to say, I love your concept. Though art craft loving Harry fic is not my first, it still great especially the dumbledore part. I am so entertained by that part with my tendencies of liking whenever anyone bashing dumbledore and Ron.

I have no word to show how much I appreciate your fanfic and hope you may keep writing. Thank you again for such entertaining stories, hope to see more.

P. S:I'm sorry for not reviewing every chapter. I thought of just reading for 2,3 chapter before judging it only to keep reading until chapter 16. Thank you.
2/12 c16 E.Elliot
I love it!
2/4 c11 1SixFtWookie
The use of Willow in the movie night is particularly amusing to me, given that Warwick Davis plays Professor Flitwick in the films. I also like that you have the adults figuring out how to make the projector work, not a first year. Precocious eleven year olds is one thing, but letting the adults be competent is always good.
1/30 c14 29duj
So Dumbledore was the Dark Lord of the prophecy?
1/30 c8 duj
Yay, now more students are beginning to realise that Hufflepuff is the coolest house.

(But wasn't it a bit strange for Law Enforcement officers to ask an eleven-year-old to provide a private space for an interview? I can't imagine Muggle Law Enforcement officers expecting that.)

(Was that Snape saying "dumbest"? It seems a bit slangy to be coming from him.)
1/30 c7 duj
It's always good to see Crabbe or Goyle (or both) presented as real people who might have non-academic talents other than thuggery (on or off the Quidditch field). Millicent too :)
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