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for The orders betrayal (improved)

12/6/2020 c37 wolfy48
amazing please update soon it's an interesting story
8/9/2020 c26 JenDamn
Just when I'm starting to get over MM's atrocious behavior, she does something else disappointing.
6/5/2020 c37 21snowingstone
Narcissa is dead? That's jacked up dude. Come back and finish this thing...pllleeese
4/26/2020 c11 2Ottoline Otter
Good effort. It’s gotten a bit too squicky for me, so I’ll leave it here. Just for future reference though, misogyny isn’t a good plot device. It can be used to give some insight about why things happen, but shouldn’t be an entire character’s development (Ron) or plot device. For example, there was no real reason to replace words for ‘girl’ and ‘woman’ with ‘chit’ and ‘bint’ in your story. It kind of made me uncomfortable because I wasn’t sure if that was the character’s words or the author’s.

Also, your obviously have a wonderful imagination. I think you could do a bit more to share it with us, rather than rushing through. Your story is incredibly fast-paced, but mostly because you keep switching scenes just when you start getting to the meat of it.
6/29/2019 c37 Bram Watley
Nnnnoooo. Why must you kill off my lady. Why?!
5/5/2019 c5 4RaileLevy
I'm sorry but i just can't get imto this. Between the grammar and spelling errors and the extreme out of character takes on everyone, it's too terrible. I can't read anymore of it.
4/19/2019 c33 kpop1392as
Huh, I find it interesting that Remus wants Ron to see a mind healer, to get help, but didn't think to offer the same to Hermione.
4/9/2019 c2 SereniteRose
wow! what a re-write, thanks ever so much,
4/9/2019 c1 11TGLB27
Interesting take. I hope there's more to come!

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