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11h c43 7nounours4
Perfect. I'm just waiting for the next.
5/23 c43 Guest
This site is hilarious:

(on story page header)
On the night Harry repels the Dementors in the Forbidden Forest, something strange awakens within him. He is invited to play the Game of Death. Join Harry as he makes new companions, fights to defeat the Death Eaters, confront Voldemort, finds love, and slowly learns what it means to play a game with Death. AU, Slow-Burn Harem, Good Dumbledore, MoD and Game aspects.
Rated: Fiction T - English - Fantasy/Adventure - Harry P., Hermione G., Sirius B., Fleur D. - Chapters: 43 - Words: 259,205 - Reviews: 904 - Favs: 3,160 - Follows: 3,959 - Updated: Apr 27 - Published: Apr 9, 2019 - id: 13256811

Updated: Apr 27 according to them!

And then we have, on the search page:

Dying Light by Darkw01fie reviews
In hushed whispers of wizarding lore, they speak of him in awe, and in fear—a man steeped in power, a revolutionary, an inventor, a warrior draped in the trappings of arcane magic. Yet, in the legends of old, he is no God or king, but a mortal man, a child who resurrected an extinct art, a prodigy like no other, and embarked on an extraordinary adventure.
Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 126 - Words: 488,798 - Reviews: 753 - Favs: 1,578 - Follows: 1,935 - Updated: 4h ago - Published: Jun 14, 2019 - Harry P., Albus D., Daphne G.

Look at the time! FOUR hours! And what is today? May 23 15:56... And it's been posting #126 for AT LEAST 2 days... Time travel in REAL life!

Sometimes, I LOVE PHP programming! The results can be hilarious.
5/4 c19 ShadowbaneXX
Seriously! You didnt read the books? The french school isnt an all girls school! Just because a stupid director makes a stupid choice and makes millions of people think the french school refuses to educate frenchmen and instead sends them to the darkest magical school on the continent nope! This is by far the single biggest mistake a writer can make is to continue that canon error! Would french magicals want british educating their men becausw french only educate woman? There are only 7 magical schools in HP lore 3 in Europe. The movies did a terrible sin by making people think this!
5/3 c43 4D.Mentor
Another amazing chapter, thank you for writing.
4/30 c43 candel06
Woohoo! Wow what a read! I have blitzed this story in the past 3 days and loved every minute thus far. Can't wait to see how things progress, keep up the phenomenal work! See ya in the next installment, Ja Ne!
4/28 c3 Hero100100
Okay I have just finished chapter 8 and Ron Hermione and Harry are apparently idiot when it comes to realizing how talented Ron actually should be because it's been three years since they started Hogwarts and he had been lazy for all three years and yet his level is 25 his stats actually pretty good if he would have studied like Harry and Hermione okay more like Harry because if he studied like Hermione his level would probably be double.

But if he studied like Harry they would have been probably 35 to 40 in level and all of his stats probably would have been doubled and if he studied like a Hermione it probably would have been 50 and tripled all of his stats.

And yes I know technically this repeats itself.

Remember Ron was actually lazy for most of the series tow his level and stacked being so high means that if he would have properly studied like Harry his level would have probably been level 35 to 40 and his stats would be all doubled and if he studied like Hermione Granger it would have been probably level 50 and would have had triple to all of his stats.
4/28 c2 Hero100100
I'm currently on chapter 2 and technically speaking The word "observe" comes from the Latin word observāre, which means "to watch, regard, attend to". It is made up of ob-, which means "before", and servāre, which means "to keep, save, pay heed to". The word was first recorded in 1350–1400, and comes from Middle English observen, which comes from Middle French observer.

And technically the game of power should allow Harry to speak in any and every language and have it Translate his words into the proper language for people to understand him so technically any word he uses should translate into a magical language.
4/27 c43 Morkail
Meh he has to kill his self to beat a minion…. He got way too cocky and he really should have been going for lethal attacks. But we shall see I guess thanks for the chapter l.
4/27 c2 Guest
And considering that he would have never been allowed to play any of Dudley's videogames, or played any RPGs/TRPGs because of Dudley bullying away anyone who even looked like they might try to be his friend, it makes perfect sense that poor Harry has less than zero clue wtaf is going on, or how a gaming system might work.
Terrible circumstances, but logical~
4/27 c43 ryunogame
Habrá una segunda parte me imagino. Dejar la historia así sería doloroso.
4/27 c2 Gon Freaks
And there goes Harry missing the chance to master all the other spells he knows. LMAO!
4/7 c10 1pax-draconix
They're in the Room of Requirements and it didn't occur to any of themto require a ay to estroybthe Horcrux, or to harry to ask for a way to remove the Hircrux safely? Instead, he pack it up nd move it through the school, taking a greather risk...
4/1 c42 3LordNemesis
Can anyone say TRAP!
4/1 c42 4D.Mentor
Another great chapter, thank you for writing.
4/1 c19 4Hecatonchir of Athena
Welp, it was a good ride, I guess, even though the cuckold fantasies you constantly bleat every chapter were getting annoying - seriously, does every single character have to have a side piece or be loose or did someone point a gun at your head? but I can just tell this is going to be Harry getting one upped by everyone around him at every turn possible now that you had Ginny catch the snitch. Oh well.

Still, you have a good technical writing skill, but the self indulgence when it comes to everything else is just a bit much.
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