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for Harry Potter and the Game of Death

4/30 c36 Bob the Mighty
I'm really enjoying the story. I love how the different characters feel unique and lifelike. It was rough in the middle chapters, but the beginning and the end stuff are really worth the read.

I look forward to the next update.
4/28 c36 Elogost27549
For all the reason I'm about to list I don't recommend this story. The story is somehow both long winded and has an excess amount of filler meaning even the filler takes a long time to get past. The dialogue is stilted and almost always awkward. The tone of the story seems to randomly shift between serious and light hearted making some of the plot points seem really out of place or not as serious as they should have been. Lastly the story is presented as having Gamer aspects but they actually only show up for a few paragraphs every few chapters and have little impact on the story.

While the idea of the story and the first couple chapters really interested me the execution has missed the mark to much for me to enjoy or recommend it.
4/28 c15 1GoMagikarp
Now three without a single gamer related sentence. And apparently both of Hermoine's parent's are bisexual. And Hermoine actively wants Harry to date multiple people. God, I can't believe I thought this story was well done. Fuck it, I'm out.
4/28 c14 GoMagikarp
Now two chapters in a row without a single gamer aspect.
4/28 c13 GoMagikarp
I skimmed the chapter and there wasn't a single gamer aspect. Like, what's the point of having a gamer story when the MC almost literally never uses a single aspect of his amazing and powerful ability. It's beyond frustrating.
4/28 c12 GoMagikarp
The further I read, the more it becomes a self indulgent fantasy wank that is worryingly close to being a paraody of itself. This story has veered so far from the first few chapters that it's honestly dissapointing. Like, really? Malfoy has zero wisdom, a small penis, is in love with Harry and his own mother and has crushes on Hermoine and Ron? Really?
4/28 c6 GoMagikarp
Ugh, I hate harem stories. Unless it's literally baked into the plot (High School DxD), it kind of ruins the story. Or at least undercuts any integrity and logic the story may have developed. Anyone who knows women even a little (or just humans in general) know that they would never be okay with sharing their significant other and being one among many. The idea that 7 intelligent ladies would be cool with being part of someone else's harem is just stupid. And it kind of devolves their character into a paper thin caricature. Disappointing because I was really liking the story.
4/28 c2 GoMagikarp
Feel like it's a missed opportunity to make [Observe] literally be observe. Considering the setting, Observo or Sentio would have felt more natural and fit in with spell names. I'm still reading the chapter, but going around, pointing his wand at things and saying Observe is going to be super conspicuous.
4/27 c36 Shadow Crimson KyuubiAcnoligia
Damn this story is great, I can wait till next update and I understand the heartbreak but is there anyway you can post another chapter sooner, you jot me hooked this story was absolutely engullfing and I must say I have no problem parting witg a little financial capital if it would make you update sooner, but otherwise take good care of yourself and focus on your mental state but my offer stands $30-$50 USD for a good long chapter and I might throw in a little extra if you can perhaps post it before May 5.
4/24 c36 Eleesar
Good chapter but that last part is one of the things that I hate the most in the world , not only about Harry Potter but also about fantasy in general, because I am one of those who believes in the saying of "Information is power" even if said information it's cruel. So I recommend that you tell our beloved Hermione not to be like Dumbledore and withhold information from her that could help him not only get the motivation he so badly needs to become more powerful but could help him save his loved ones, information that In almost all the stories they always hide the protagonists, which for the only thing that serves is that they harm him or his loved ones and he himself comes out with the so-called power of friendship \ power of the protagonistsolving in the end everything in a heroic and fantastic way. Thanks for such a good story so far I hope you post new chapters soon.
4/23 c23 Eleesar
I have a question that came to mind now that after several chapters we saw Harry's "state" again, I checked the chapter in which they give Harry his room and in addition to his name it said "Heir" and maybe this wrong but he is in the house of the Black therefore contrary to what he thinks that it came from being heir to the Potters, it seemed to me that you put it as that Sirius had already designated him as heir to the Black (although he may I'm wrong) then if that's how I think, why didn't he come out in his state that he was heir to the Black? Was it your mistake or am I wrong?
4/23 c36 2subhogue
Am waiting for updates with great antici...wait for it... pation!
4/23 c36 subhogue
Am waiting for updates with great antici...wait for it... pation!
4/22 c15 Eleesar
What an interesting and fun chapter this is. I have some questions for the author if he can answer them. 1 - Does Harry have what it takes to maintain a 1 vs 7 relationship? I mean in the sexual sense, so if the broomstick that you mentioned in this chapter that Harry has would hold so much lol? 2 - Where did you get the brilliant idea that girls have to convince the boy to create a harem? I had never seen that and I have read more than 200 fanfics, many of them being harem and several hundred fiction books or novels, both Chinese, Korean and Japanese. 3 - How much study time have you devoted to this work? Because I had not really seen a fanfic so well explained or written like this, for which I can only give you my sincere congratulations and thank you for delighting me with such a good reading time.
4/21 c7 TripleDDD61
I'm not the biggest fan of Ron but that scene was a real tear jerker
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