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for Harry Potter and the Game of Death

15h c15 Jay Cook
I am only on chapter 15 and already I am hooked, I sincerely request with all my heart that you continue this book, for that is what it is in my mind, it is no simple story or fan fic it is a true work of art. If you need someone to bounce ideas off of to continue writing I humbly offer my services, if you need a beta I too humbly offer my service. I am simply asking this because I noticed it hasn't been upddated since September and so so so want ot see this continued to its conclusion. I have been readinf HP fanfics for over four years now and can honestly say that this one is gripping me completely. I was reading a similar style fic called 'The Harme Game', unfortunately that only covered year one of Harry's participation in said game and unhappily has not been continued since 2016 I think it was, and it had such promise. I really hope you are able to continue as I think your storyline is facinating and is inspiring me to get back to my own writing with a similar storyline myself.
Thank you for the inspiration, James Cook.
11/18 c35 Dresden13
Are you going to post part 2 separately?
11/18 c35 Dresden13
Awesome stuff so far.

Do you have a set posting schedule?
11/16 c4 Chris
Oh no a party feature again ;( Why do so many gamer storys have them when the best RPGs (Fallout, The Witcher, Skyrim etc) are single player RPGs
11/17 c35 michelmmm
You are one of the best fan fiction writers I have ever seen, and I am so excited for the day you finish level 1.
11/9 c35 Kaflaful
That was really good. I hope you post something new soon. It seems like you were just getting to some good interactions between Harry and Hermione. I really hope he looks at his own page soon too so he can see Hermione listed in his romantic interests.
11/4 c35 deoxeyses
Very nice, looking forward to more
10/30 c35 yoto
bon chapitre
10/26 c35 ryunogame
Hi, recently I read the 35 parts and 34 chapters that this story currently has and I can say that I have loved each and every one of them.

I have recently had phimosis surgery and that this story has started without any lemon is appreciated due to my current state.

I have some questions.

I have recently started writing and uploading fanfics, it is fun trying to create a good story, but also difficult and slow.
From April 9, 2019 to September 24, 2020 go 1 year, 5 months, 2 weeks, 1 day. That's 2 chapters per month and not exactly short chapters.
Do you already have the chapters written and upload them every so often or do you just write fast?

As a Harry Potter fan that I am, I have been steeped in that franchise in almost all media (Although this is only the second Harry Potter fic I read) Do you plan to include any reference to Hogwart Mystery? Given that Dora spent her years at Hogwart dealing with the Damn Bobedas, I would be very happy to see Harry complaining about happening to him and Dora telling him details of what transpired in his years at Hogwart.

To what dark and twisted god do I have to bless my soul so that Dora enters the Harem? because I sign whatever.

By the way as a warning that maybe I had to porner at the beginning of the comment, I am Spanish and I write this thanks to Google Translate, in case you see something that sounds strange to you.
10/26 c5 Guest
I love and appreciate how much effort you have put into your story, it's inspiring. I'm thoroughly going to enjoy and savour reading it.
10/13 c24 1pax-draconix
I wonder if he forgot that Draco welched the last time he (Draco) extended a duel challenge. I have a feeling that would make for great ammo in the situation they find themselves.
10/8 c5 HellsMaji
Always nice to read a story where Harry's a fuckin pussy, and always caves anytime Hermione disagrees with him. That was a huge dick move on Hermione's part, describing to Dumbledore Harry's oblivious trait in exhausting and embarrassing detail, and feeling smug and happy about it. Shame on her.
10/8 c3 HellsMaji
Kind of irritated with how much trust and hope and belief Harry has in Dumbledore and the other adults around him. Really hoping he gets over that soon. After all, not a single one of those super special trustworthy adults has ever helped him at hogwarts, and definitely not just now with the dementors. Dumbledore definitely doesn't need to know about the gamer.
10/5 c35 Lycan01
Good chapter.
10/2 c6 Crainium9
I’m bored as fuck is this even a story about Harry everyone else is getting more screen time
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