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for Harry Potter and the Game of Death

7/12 c20 Barth Vadre
ok. I like the story but it is way too slow for as infrequent as you post chapters. it will be another 5 years before it finishes if you don't speed up the story or posting majorly. I've gotten half way through and just checked the current ending...a not 6 months have past since the start of the story.
4/30 c37 13Freddie Rindklip
It has been a while since you updated. Sometimes life gets involved in our hobbies. Whatever it is I have enjoyed reading.
4/20 c38 Corwyn
I'm loving this story so far and looking forward to it continuing. Thanks for sharing it with us! Stay safe.
3/14 c10 jimmy.oz
Really is a good story but needs more updates.
2/20 c1 Hero100100
In chapter 19 it felt like you were trying to say Harry could just quit Quidditch and give up his position of Seeker to Ginny and that just felt wrong

But the rest of the story so far seems very fun and interesting
1/6 c37 SamonIllmantrim
I love the writing in this. The worldbuilding and creativity are both top-notch. I wish Harry was a little more decisive and active in his life, and Hermione was a little less typical teenaged girl, but as both are sadly canon, it is to be expected. Thank you for sharing this story!
1/6 c19 SamonIllmantrim
The Only major flaws I have seen in this work are the over the top trope of the two girls competing for Harry's heart, Hermione's arrogance and the 'I know something you don't know and I'm not going to tell you, ha-ha' way she was around Harry, as well as the overdone Ginny acting in a way that is obsessive, not loving, about Harry.

Otherwise, This is an awesome fic, very enjoyable.
12/13/2022 c3 EternalAnglo94
Oh god please don't tell Ron and Dumbledore I absolutely hate them both
11/27/2022 c5 Andrew234
not even harry potter is that stupid to not figure out the gamer system before telling people about it
8/20/2022 c21 Romily
I wish i knew why ppl insist on writing accents - i skipped most of the gabrielle/hermione part cause i just can’t read more than a few sentences of accents :D
8/6/2022 c38 Freddie Rindklip
I am enjoying this fic.
7/1/2022 c8 Andris'sShadow
Not the Twilight reference in Cedric's description
6/21/2022 c4 ChaseTheSoul
5/15/2022 c37 MoinLeute
after 35 chp, only level 69 and at the start of Harry potter 5... im questioning how he is supposed to challenge Volde later and how long do you think it will take? you needed over 200k words for that little time span of not even 3 months in the Potter verse, when we start at year 7 it are probably already 2 million words... always the same, planning big but not seeing the long long road ahead and then ending somewhere at the start. its honestly frustrating since its always the same old text with gamer harry fics.
4/26/2022 c24 1pycus13
This chapter is terrible to read i stopped before they got portkeyed. None of the characters are believable, the interactions are forced and with zero weight or potential to them. It's a generic mush all around.
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