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for Harry Potter and the Game of Death

4/1 c42 3LordNemesis
Can anyone say TRAP!
4/1 c42 4D.Mentor
Another great chapter, thank you for writing.
4/1 c19 4Hecatonchir of Athena
Welp, it was a good ride, I guess, even though the cuckold fantasies you constantly bleat every chapter were getting annoying - seriously, does every single character have to have a side piece or be loose or did someone point a gun at your head? but I can just tell this is going to be Harry getting one upped by everyone around him at every turn possible now that you had Ginny catch the snitch. Oh well.

Still, you have a good technical writing skill, but the self indulgence when it comes to everything else is just a bit much.
3/30 c4 Fuck Names
Sadly, I'm out. Not a fan of him telling about the system to others. Ideally, the system should have forbid him. But it is what it is. Good luck with the story.
3/30 c1 Fuck Names
Seven ladies? Bruh. Never read a harem before or even two at a time. Time to try it ig.
3/30 c1 Brian C
This is honestly terrible
3/30 c34 30Vance McGill
There was "nothing" the Game could say that would get Harry to change his mind about being a model...?

Like what if the Game promised that Death would kill Voldemort and his Horcruxes immediately if Harry decided he wanted to switch his Career from Chosen One to Model?
3/30 c42 moozga
Great New chapter, can't wait to read more!
3/30 c42 spacecowboy2011
This has been so ridiculous from a story telling perspective these last few chapters. This is such a literal mountaintop event normally associated with THE climax of a tale, i have a hard time seeing how you can have future conflicts occur without them being even more ridiculous in scale and scope.
3/30 c42 Rebell 01
Cho under the Imperio?
3/29 c42 PraetorXyn
Great stuff. So what’s your AO3 username? I coukdnt find this story on there, and I prefer AO3 as I can download an EPUB for new fics and have custom skins for ones Im caught up on.
3/29 c42 4Scorpion.Sorcerer7
Nice ending to the chase. Well done
3/29 c42 2SixFtWookie
Just a note that AO3 may be more convenient for authors, but as a reader who only uses the FFN app because it supports Text To Speech, stories on AO3 may as well be in Mandarin for all that I'm likely to read them.
3/15 c10 14Freddie Rindklip
Did Harry ever get the Diadem fixed? This is my 2nd reading and I do not remember seeing it. If I missed something obvious I do apologize.
3/14 c39 redroajs1
I just read the story, and it's a very good one overall. But with all the discussion going on about that past chapter and this one, I thought I'd throw in my two cents.

My main problem with that game where Ginny won, as it continues to be for this chapter as well, is not that Ginny won the game. It is that she was a seeker who had not played in any full-team Quidditch game beforehand. She had also had the disadvantage of playing on a new broom that she was not used to that Harry was extremely familiar with. If, even with such big disadvantages, she could still come so close to being so evenly matched to Harry, then it makes zero sense for Harry to not only be able to qualify for a professional Quidditch team, but even outright win the international finals. The problem, for me, isn't that Ginny won that match, it's that Harry should not be anywhere near able to perform at a professional level if he and Ginny are even comparable in any way, let alone close in terms of ability.

Think about it this way. Imagine someone who had never even played a basketball or football/soccer game with both sides having a full team before in their life. How possible is it for them to be close in terms of ability to Lebron or Messi? Imagine someone who has never driven a racecar before, only taken regular pedestrian vehicles to the racetrack for racing against other regular cars. Now put them in a Formula 1 car against others who are also driving full-on racecars. And they now have to compete with someone who is fully accustomed to driving racecars. How close do you think they'd be to each other in terms of racing performance?

Now imagine putting both of those scenarios together and only then do you have the situation where Ginny managed to beat the soon-to-be winning seeker at the international world Quidditch finals.

For such a thing to be the case, the standards of professional Quidditch seekers would have to be worse than horse manure, which would absolutely not be possible given the level of fanaticism that the entire wizarding world has for the sport. Again, it's not that Ginny won that I have a problem with, it's that anyone with the same level of skill as she had possessed should not be even said in the same breath as a professional player. If that is true for Harry, then Harry ALSO shouldn't be capable of being a professional Quidditch seeker, let alone winning the world finals.

But as I've said, the story overall is still great nonetheless. Given the heated discussion on this topic, I just thought I'd throw in my view on the matter into the fray as well.
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