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for Harry Potter and the Game of Death

2/2 c8 FlawedBauthor
So, why was the last chapter titled End of the Trio? They are still a trio, totally all best friends. Are you brain dead or only just an idiot. Retard. Monkey idiot boy.
2/2 c7 FlawedBauthor
This is retarded. Why would Harry or anyone be able to restrict information able to be seen? Have you ever played a game in your entire life? Because this is just showing you haven't. What a dumb system.
2/2 c40 moozga
Good chapter, can't wait to read more about this situation!
2/2 c40 PraetorXyn
Glad to see another update.
2/1 c39 dennishoisington2
I would be entirely enthusiastic if this story were to continue!
1/31 c2 Mr-Luca-Wolf
So far im liking it
1/24 c5 14Freddie Rindklip
Currently re-reading this fic. I vaguely remember it, and enjoying the re-read.
1/20 c39 BoredPerson86
1/6 c39 4D.Mentor
Another great chapter, thank you for writing.
1/6 c39 AlexianBlithworth
If you really think you have to battle to stay as a T story, please don't, allow yourself to respect your audience who are most likely adults, or if it's regular FFN bs, upload this to Ao3.
1/5 c39 14Freddie Rindklip
It ends with a cliffee. That is ok. More will come later.
1/5 c39 Rezenith
Absolutely brilliant the way the scenes blend into one another like an action movie. Made the chapter fly by with how intense it felt.

Also kudos for Sirius surviving, one too many fics put the good dogfather down for my delicate to handle.

I wonder if Harry gets the Quidditch quest rewards separately or as a package with the mayhem prevention quest. Because those levels could make the difference in Harry's performance in saving lives.

Crazy how much content and genuinely good interesting character developments have taken place in what is, 3 months? Harry has so far beyond what he was 38 chapters ago it's amazing. Hope he's able to be a menace to the Death Eaters and take charge properly.

Thanks for the chapters!
1/5 c19 lillianna.thastoli
i have to say, while i understand the choice to remove flesh memory for your story, i would just argue that since the game ends with he catch, that the first to fully catch it, regardless if they drop it by a bludger hit, ends the game. so the flesh memory is to prevent cheating by stealing the snitch or catching it after a drop. another thing id like to point out is how everyone seemed to be experts on the extremely fast racing brooms on their first time on them without any learning curve. harry would have that edge over the others since hes been using one for months.

all that said, you did a great job writing the scenes and i dont want you to think im trying to be rude about this or trying to say you are wrong for taking away from the canon lore for a game in the story, just stating an opinion and argument a la devils advocate kind of deal.
1/5 c32 Rezenith
I love this story but

Only concern I have is that a lot and most of the villians in story are genuinely evil... like put them in the dirt evil, frontier justice is the best and most of the time only viable, type of evil.

Which this story and Harry does not at all give me the vibe of having the stones to do so. Draco for example, for all intents and purposes, is irredeemable beyond canon so much that any sort of mercy would laughably bad for Harrynand co.

If Harry and his cohort do not kill off (at minimum) the Death Eaters I cannot for the life of me see them as anything beyond naive and dangerously misfocused on who matters.
1/4 c11 Freddie Rindklip
In Chapter 11 Ginny's character is starting to develop. I never liked then senseless Ginny bashing. She was a little girl who was overwhelmed by a terrorist.
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