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for Harry Potter and the Game of Death

4/13/2019 c2 3Littlest1
I don't mind that. Honestly I am looking forward to the Time Turner reveal. Harry and Hermione are two terrifying magicals and Harry will severely need an advantage next year so the time Turner will come in handy.

As long as Hermione is always on his side I don't mind. I have never understood bashing her all that much. I mean in certain situations yes but not the 'payed to be his friend' Troup that is often used.

Another fun victim- I mean ally for Harry is Neville. He is an understated characters and his parents and wants are glossed over in the film's and it makes me mad.
4/13/2019 c2 HPfan7-8
I am intrigued and happy that he won’t go like all other gamers and just hit stuff. Here’s my wishlist that hope you use. Elemental magic, shadow magic, blood magic, rituals, terrain magic earthly or weather based, and spell creation using my wishlist. I also hope you have him travel and explore the “world of magic” during summer and winter break since unlike canon all magic is not in the uk. Maybe you could have him follow bill as an apprentice or student to learn curse breaking since that would require arthimancy and runes.
4/12/2019 c2 5Q.Elwyn.D
You have long author notes.
I agree with the 'shoot for the moon' being a requirement in keeping power-fantasies grounded; there needs to be a bigger fish. I am seriously mixing metaphors there, but it should still be intelligible.

Introduction to game mechanics chapter - about as heavy on the explanations as I expected, although Harry's cluelessness is a breath of fresh air compared to the power-gamer people, or those who think they are power-gamers but are... so very not.
I'm shocked at how stupid some people write their gamer-mcs at times, it's as if they don't actually know how to work a system at all.

As, again, there is fairly little happening here (beyond the necessary info dumps and a little humour) I don't exactly have anything I can say on your story's story or plot.
Regardless, it was coherent, well written and I only skipped over the stat descriptions because I've seen them a thousand times already.

Keep it up,

4/12/2019 c1 Q.Elwyn.D
A grouping of seven? You're either going to end up devoting half the story to developing the girls, or doing them no justice at all. The eternal flaw of Harem fics.
I guess I can only hope my favourites don't get shafted on development/screen time.
Add in gamer mechanics, and this story could get bogged down fast.

On the story rather than the AN; Not a common starting point, and not one I would have expected for a gaming fic. In general, I am looking forward to seeing how this goes, but I don't see too much to comment on here.
It's coherent, well written and leads into a seemingly despairing moment where he sees people he cares about as doomed - but the actual happenings in the chapter are slim pickings.

4/12/2019 c2 ThunderClaw03
Great job keep it up. I can't wait to see what happens next update soon
4/11/2019 c1 ThunderClaw03
Great job keep it up. I can't wait to see what happens next update soon
4/10/2019 c1 nbop
uuu... nice! Can't wait for more
4/10/2019 c1 Guest
Very good ! Please update quickly ; )
4/9/2019 c1 3Hoodedgenius98
I would like to point out that the big problem with the gamer fic is pacing as the mc (main character) generally becomes op in the first year or two. (or by the time they reach Hogwarts if the start is young.)
Looking forward to this story and hope you don't fall into any dead ends
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