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10/15/2021 c1 3RonaldM40196867
Nice one.
10/7/2021 c1 12Leanna68
very well rounded story, i enjoyed it alot, i would like to see more stories from you
10/18/2020 c1 ATF
Your penname is unworthy of the Thundercat symbol
4/4/2020 c1 Starlord Master
I Iove the story name.
5/11/2019 c1 18frankannestein
Ma-Mutt! I forgot all about him. I admit I haven't read the original stories - I wanted to see what you were doing first. By the way, this is how I'm referring to Mumm-Ra from now on: The Ever-Living Cretin. LOL!

This was a good story, kind of fun to see a short one with a solid beginning and ending (says the chick whose stories go on and on . . .). I do appreciate the definitive good vs. evil vibe the 80's had in their stories that have evolved into something more gray these days. This story perfectly captured how good will always prevail.

I look forward to the rest!
~ Anne
4/25/2019 c1 8BrightBlueHearse
Wow it's been so long 00
I was so excited to see this in my in box :D It's awesome you still write for the Thundercats.
You've put so much thought and effort into this story arch and it shows. You still capture the magic of the old show. It feels like I'm watching the cartoon at certain points.
Can't wait to read what Mumm-Ra and the Lunataks have in store for the Thundercats.
4/10/2019 c1 612yellow 14

You know, you don't actually have a copyright on this. Because it's an intellectual property owned by someone else, they actually own it. (Fanfiction comes under the fair use aspect of copyright.)

I'm left puzzled by a few details here. First, why would Lion-O just eat something given to him by a complete stranger? Especially given that Mumm-Ra is a known threat.

Secondly, why wouldn't he coordinate his attack with the mutants? Enemy of my enemy and all that.

Finally, why not simply do this to ALL the Thundercats? It would be more efficient and allow him to turn the Thundercats into his personal enforcers.

That said, the story chugs along nicely, fitting in well with the nature and tone of the original series and I could see this as an actual episode of the series. Keep updating
4/9/2019 c1 18018lzytwner
I didn't need to read the originals. Very well done!

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