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for Rebirth of a Legend

8/12 c6 jmatteovidal
Viejo necesito el siguiente cap por favor continúala
7/27 c1 123vincent11
For anyone that's waiting for a new chapter, this story is dropped. The author isn't interested in writing stories like this anymore.
6/11 c2 sugoijack9
go to hell author
5/22 c6 Guest
I hope we get chapter 7
4/23 c1 3TheCyanNinja
The fact that Serafall and Rias hadn't recognized Gohan being from an ANIME, really pisses me off. I swear If the author didn't make DBZ in a thing in this DXD universe, just marks him as an incompetent and lazy idiot
4/1 c6 chopsromero
I hope you come back and finish this story
2/13 c6 Draco
Please put this story up for adoption if you won’t finish it.
1/7 c6 ac696849
So are you ever going to continue the story cuz it's been like 2 years and I really enjoy this story it's pretty good just wondering
12/30/2022 c2 albertsilvaaa04
My queen hahaha
12/30/2022 c1 albertsilvaaa04
Liking the story so far
7/22/2022 c4 DarkAres12
that a demon of no means can destroy the world is quite stupid
7/17/2022 c6 1YeTianshi
Aw, Super Saiyan 4 is arguably my favorite transformation. It's just the visually most awesome-looking transformation ever xD
Especially SSJ4 Gogeta, wild red hair and all!
7/13/2022 c6 Guest
Is it possible for u do continue this story? I really liked the way it was going and thought it was a shame it was uncontinued
5/4/2022 c2 Jack
Yes you are buffing the dxd canon. To ridiculous levels. Yawn.
5/4/2022 c1 Jack
I also have a strict rule about harems. They are unrealistic and anyone who thinks otherwise is a horny dipshit.
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