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for His body couldn't betray their cosmic connection

9/24/2021 c6 Guest
Why did you stop this story, it's really entertaining?!
1/20/2021 c6 Rosa
Please up date, it’s been ages
12/27/2020 c6 Guest
Omg so funny, but Steve and Brenda eww not sure in that.
2/27/2020 c6 MadeULQQk2
You have a very funny, AU & quirky story here.. why have I just come across it just now?! **index finger and thumb under chin with one raised eyebrow thinking**

You can't stop now - there's just so much potential & the possibilities for little scenarios here & there.. I see a new clique & friendship happening with Brenda, Andrea & the cheerleaders especially with their common dislike of Kelly.. Also, Kelly is on a rampage, what type of revenge does she have in store for everyone?!..

Dylan has to also feel the embarrassment & humiliation of the school knowing - first, that he was a 'one & done' while he tried to do the deed with Kelly & second, for puking all over her especially since he's such a private guy.. **SMH & belly laughing**

It would also be interesting to see his reaction to Brenda & Steve's newly found intimacy especially now that they're pretty out in the open about it.. TBH, still on the fence about this pairing, but I get she needs her share of fun, too..
11/3/2019 c6 Rose
Keep going, this story cracks me up. Loved the cheerleaders and their song. Donna shouldn’t have taken Kelly’s side, least she brandon and Andrea in this version. The Steve thing I wasn’t sure of , but it’s growing on me. Dylan’s need to suffer and not expect Brenda to be waiting for him.
11/1/2019 c6 brankel1
Great job.
9/28/2019 c6 23DylanLovesBrenda
LOL You're so funny LOL HAHA This makes me laugh.
9/27/2019 c6 73Ember1313
Such a fun chapter. I don't feel bad for Kelly Taylor at all. That's what you get for back stabbing your best friend.
9/27/2019 c6 brendamckay61
9/25/2019 c6 75actionman81
I had a little inkling of a feeling when Peyton and Paisley showed concern for Brenda. This had me guessing, though. I wonder what'll happen next.
9/25/2019 c6 Princesakarlita411
Kelly doesnt learn
9/25/2019 c5 actionman81
I feel bad for Brenda. Sigh :(
Yeah, Andrea's absolutely right.
I liked Donna, but I liked Andrea more. lol
Steve's not a bad guy; he's just being Steve.
9/25/2019 c4 actionman81
Steve and Brenda? Yikes.
The 90210 promo with the dolls made sense, only because Luke isn't with us anymore :(
It seems different with Dylan around. I'm enjoying this, though
9/25/2019 c3 actionman81
I'm glad Andrea and Brandon are together. That's awesome
9/25/2019 c2 actionman81
Oh no, Dylan. It can't be what you think. Poor guy.
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