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for How to Catch a Goblin King

8/4 c19 Tina
My God, it’s an amazing story! I have read a lot of stories of different fandoms, but this story of yours dear Author is beating all the rest. It’s in my heart from now on forever!
Never in my life I was laughing so much while reading stories ))) thank you for that !
I love how you wrote Sarah here, very rational, never given up even under any temptations (and Jareth is a walking-taking piece of one ) but Sarah still remains very sensual. I think we all will not be against if Sarah will eventually give in to Jareth and tell him that she wants him, and she will show it )) For God’s sake Author, let them fuck ))) soon I will be blue-balled, never mind that I am a female ;)
Very interesting what Jareth has in his mind about how to make Sarah live longer with him, so it never happen what happened to his parents.
7/25 c19 Guest 2022
Sarah. The oh so capable lawyer who traipsed around in the underground, got caught, accidentally got married and now trips up by appearing to be cheating on her husband, the king. Real smart, Sarah. Thanks.
7/21 c19 Guest
Uma delícia, como sempre. O que Jareth vai fazer com Cern? Será que o ciúme o cegará? Acho que não.
Aqui no Brasil estamos curtindo um inverno bem úmido e chuvoso. Estou ansiosa para as suas próximas atualizações. Boas férias pra você!
7/18 c19 Luxpop
Ohh the push and pull continues for J & S but I have to agree Sarah came very close to a confession this time... I love their dynamic and loved seeing Jareth's defences down a bit in this chapter. And the little moments of Sarah giving glimpses of her true feelings as well. Somehow every chapter seems like a cliffhanger because I just can't wait to read what happens next but you really got me with this ending XD Let's see how J deals with this little slice
7/17 c19 MissusGages
Welllll… not more lemons, but very enlightening! ;) Man, I hope Jareth doesn’t come off the top rope on Sarah in this situation with Cern. Girl can’t catch a break! Can’t wait to see what happens next. Hope it doesn’t all wrap up TOO quickly! Thanks for the update—marvelous work, as always! Enjoy your break!
7/15 c19 TheWayForward
LOVED this chapter. It was a treat to see those two actually communicating instead of fighting or playing games. Also good to know what Hoggle had nothing to do with and maybe not even Jareth either. Looking forward to more. Enjoy your vacation.
7/15 c19 3SarahELupin
This will all end in tears
7/14 c19 Tenjp
I am so glad he finally spit that out. Sarah has been so self focused on her own plight...I am not saying I don't understand...I do... it's a huge shift...but holy cow woman...Jareth has WAY gone out on a limb for her over and over and over and I would be annoyed as well if I was him to not even have that fact acknowledged. It's all not all sunshine and rainbows...but he's actually given a lot...I think it's time she at least see it from his point of view and give a little back.

Cern lmao...he's such a likeable jerk. I bet he did that all on purpose just to provoke them both.

Can't wait for the next chapter...LOVE THIS STORY!
7/14 c1 tadah2
This is hilarious.
7/14 c19 Resisting-Moonlight
First the parallel of Jareth and Sarah and his parents doomed love. I didn’t think about her not being mortal. The scene with her finding him in such a vulnerable state. His guard was down. Intense!

The group all together. Awww….

And now the cliffhanger. Is Jareth going to think they have been “misbehaving” together due to her ruffled appearance?!
Can’t wait!
7/14 c19 11BowieQueen

Also, i can't help but see parts of you in Calli. And considering how I shop her with Sarah, I don't know what that says about me. You both have cannibal tendencies. :)
7/14 c19 1Ashies
This was an AMAZING chapter! And that ending was a he most hilarious cliffhanger ever. In this instance, what Jareth is thinking is definitely not what happened. But I still have a sneaking suspicion Cern might die soon, at least if Jareth gets his way.
7/14 c19 1High High Heels
The distinct amount of joy I feel every time I get a notification for this story is unparalleled. I can’t wait for what you have next!
7/14 c19 Ushnit
excellent chapter! I hope you won't keep us waiting for too long with this cliff-hanger! :) I really lke exploring the theme of Sarah' mortality and inevitable parting for them - something that sounds very realistic to me personally (I can never buy into "Sarah turned into fae/became immortal" thing). It's painful and creates the right tension between. So looking forward to where it is going to bring them.
7/2 c18 7the yellow flower
Great chapter as always! Thanks!
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