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5/18 c14 misskangas
Hello my dear! Just wanted to give you a shout-out and a wave. I stumbled across Tangelwood while falling down the FanFiction rabbit hole (I know you totally understand), and while I really enjoyed that story immensely, I fully admit that I wanted to strangle/throat punch Sarah and Jareth so much throughout that I needed a drink after binge-reading it. How to Catch a Goblin King on the other hand, while they both have been stubborn and pig-headed, the comic relief of Cern and Calli (and pretty much every goblin ever), has been an amazing break in the tension at all the right places. I have no clue what Jareth’s been up to, but I can’t wait to find out. I fully admit that I love Morrigan and can’t wait to see what gift she finally decides for Sarah, and holy hot flash Batman the sexual tension in this story has been most satisfying. Until the next chapter, I wish you safety and health.
5/8 c14 Saphira113
Thank you for another great chapter!

I was very amused by Sarah's wardrobe mishap and the misunderstandings it caused in the rumors about what Cern was doing. I really can't wait for that little truth to slip out. The descriptions of how Sarah changed Goblin City and castle to suit herself are really quiet inventive.
5/8 c14 Guest
Thank you very much for this new amazing chapter. I hoped for it and here you are with it! Thank you. I love it! You are really my most favourite writer in Labyrinth fanfiction field.
5/6 c14 Guest 2021
The death of a pet can be terribly painful. I empathize with your family's loss and extend my sympathies.
As for the story, Sarah has no qualms in unleashing her anger against Jareth, no matter what any of the underground denizens may suffer as a byproduct of her malevolence.
I am surprised that Cern, a skilled hunter, and inner Court member, exercises such poor self preservation skills in acquiesing to secretly teach Sarah swordsmanship. I thought it was particularly dumb of him to proceed with the first lesson when she shows up in bordello costume. When it comes to secrets, the whole place is a sieve. I thought guys were very protective of their dangly bits, but he's knowingly put his at risk.
Sarah must have some pretty powerful magnetism over fae men. First Jareth, now Cern. Impressive!
Thanks for the update. Enjoyed it!

5/5 c14 fireelfmaiden1
fun read, i really loved reading this chapter, looking forward to reading what happens next.
5/4 c1 BustedBrain
Not sure if I should blame you or Morrigan for trying to kill me with this chapter. Likely both, Morrigan being her delightful self and you looking to become a widow.

“Morrigan’s frigid tits!” Made me choke on my breakfast.

Keep it up wiiiiife and you’ll be stuck with the kids on your own. Then who’ll be laughing?

Mavvy 100% would pause in whatever she was trying to fight or fuck, possibly both at the same time, to blow you a kiss.

See you in 6ish months for the next chapter.
5/3 c14 tonemara
I love this chapter. I laughed so hard I almost chocked. Keep 'em coming. I'm sure it'll be well worth the wait.
5/3 c14 tux
️️️ always a pleasure
5/3 c14 2welliegirl16
I needed this today. It made me giggle so hard! I love this story. Thanks for sharing your amazing talents with us!
5/1 c14 hurricanebridgette
awwww so sorry to hear of your fur baby loss. It is never easy. Never. Condolences and big virtual hugs.

This story told a lot and nothing at all in a lot of ways. How you spin me around and I love it. Thanks for sharing the update and look forward to the next
5/1 c14 7the yellow flower
Meet in the...STABLES?! lol Well, you don’t often update but when you do you NEVER disappoint so thank you! And such long beefy chapters too! I really love when the narrative turns to POV besides Sarah. Like, I enjoy following her story the most but the creative, funny and insightful narrative from other characters is not only welcome it’s like leaving breadcrumbs and I love it.

I have no idea what any of those contests are due to the abbreviation buuut I’m so going to look for these stories since you’ve recommended them. You mean there’s another author out there who outplaced YOU? I have my doubts but I will read.

My condolences for your loss. The passing of a fur-friend can be some of the hardest. We always adopt knowing that we will likely always outlast them. They bring us lessons of joy and comfort and perspective so that we may carry those lessons to others when we’re ready. It’s been a year, almost to the day, since my partner’s cat passed. That cat was everything to him and there’s still a spot we’ll never be able to close now that he’s no longer physically there...however, his sassy gay spirit still shows up time to time. They’re never so far away. We just sense him differently now and again, what a gift. What a truly lovely and humbling gift. I hope you and your family find the same comfort however you can in time. Take care,
5/1 c14 5BexyLexi
Hurrah! I squealed like a little piggie I was so excited to get that email! Love love love. Obviously. So many hearty guffaws here. Sarah's faux pas with her fencing fetish wear haha, whoops and the several times she was referred to as some faceless tart in the stables is too funny. Though I suspect this may not please J later down the line. I am imagining the potential for a classic misunderstanding. Sarah's attempts to get at Jareth by redecorating/rearranging/relocating his things. The big boots and goblin nappy were especially inspired you genius you.
I'm flitting between vague comprehension and continued ignorant bliss over what is actually going on. Something he doesn't relish? Something she will not appreciate either perhaps? Will it involve jealousy? Or more bloodshed? Hmmm tricky. I am looking forward to their tryst at 3...please let it be a tryst!
So sorry to hear of your pupper, so many hugs xxx
5/1 c14 Guest
Loved this, more soon please
4/30 c14 4YuuriQueen
My comment will not be about the chapter (althought it was great and I loved it, and I can't wait to see what Jareth is up to!) but about your author note.
I also lost my cat a few months ago. I lost mom and grampa too. I know I will keep losing people I love. So, it's pretty depressing. But please, don't succumb! All our loving ones want us to be well and happy. The only way to honor them is to keep living. So, make things that will give you joy! Cheer up! We are never alone!

PS: Yeah, the answer is always 42 :P
4/30 c14 7futrCSI1490
I've missed this story! Glad to see you back! And what a wonderful chapter it was! The tease in your note definitely makes me want the next all the more, hehehe. Also, Calli makes me laugh, I adore her.

Sorry to hear about your puppers, my family lost ours not long after the pandemic start, so I understand your pain. It's never easy.

Stay safe and be well. (Hugs)
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