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4/13/2019 c1 132signelchan
First of all, I hate that you really did go with a clickbait title and summary with this fic. It’s a canon fact that Kaito Momota is /not/ a lucky man and for you to so much as imply that his luck will change in your story is something done only to get people to read the story. That, and the AO3 version mentions the, ahem, risqué elements of the story that are equally as clickbait-y. You knew what you were working with here and you certainly did not let that out of your grasp.

Secondly, I hate that this is your first fic for this fandom that you’ve posted. I know you’ve been writing something else for it, I know that it’s unfinished and you probably don’t want me talking about it, but damn it I wish you could’ve posted that one first so people don’t end up expecting more nonsense like this from you. Don’t get me wrong, this is a great, wonderful, lovely fic and I enjoyed all the references and details and care you put into it, but it’s so bizarre that I don’t know if these are expectations you’re willing to live up to.

Thirdly, I hate that you really ended this fic that way. When you first pitched the idea to me you had that as the ending, yes, but you also had zero of the buildup present in the idea. It was just the shower scene, him being bad at gambling, and then That. This fic now feels like it’s a constant kick in the pants and all they need to do now is really, truly work through the bad luck with a proper bedroom tango.

Finally, I hate that you’re such an amazing writer because you always make me wish that you wrote more whenever you drop something like this on the world.


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