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5/12 c7 1knifeman3874
These are my favorite chapters
5/12 c1 knifeman3874
Please please continue this man
4/26 c21 WengKeeTan
Please continue this story, is so good. Cant wait fot next chapter.
4/22 c7 michaelmak66
I noticed that you have a SpaceBattles account, and I did not know that you and TheReaper are the same person!
While this story has been stuck in Chapter 21 for quite some time, I can see that you seem to have a storyline framework with some big events setting up in the future. Heck, I can even see someone (Wandering Scholar) writing an entry about Cyril's exploits after the main plot line as well!
Just one bit though: whatever happened back in the Dream before he set foot to the waking world is still not revealed, with some hidden clues (e.g. Cyril's gravestone, Cyril disconnected with the Dream). Will this be revealed later?
Really wish this story can continue on. Your 3 Bloodborne fics are very solid.
4/18 c21 dragonking9746
more more plese more
4/12 c21 Guest
this is such a gripping tale!
I am exuberant at having read 9 chapters in a row.
Looking forward to more!
2/16 c21 captain Orion Zete
hey buddy,still alive?
2/12 c1 TheWill413
I do hope this gets updated. I enjoy it a lot.
2/9 c21 1LongNightDragon
Hope there's another chapter soon, this is really good. I bet when Cyril visits the Workshop again, oh boy, Sierra will give him an earful.
2/3 c21 AkihitoTheExiled
2/3 c21 AkihitoTheExiled
The Good Hunter Does not discriminate in killing beasts and Men alike.
beware the Moon Scented Hunter
1/25 c1 3liukwan2406
plz update
1/20 c21 TekamanBlade
This story was unexpectedly light on the smut and unexpectedly heavy on the self loathing. I was not prepared for what this story is and I'm very glad that I stumbled upon it.

Well done so far and I eagerly await the next chapter!
1/8 c1 Sunnyboi221
1/2 c13 Imperious115
Super good
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